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#Running4Peace on the Sasagawa-NagaRun! Help Feed Folks in VZ and South Sudan w/ Bitcoin Cash!

After the mega popularity, massive participation and success of April’s Sakura Cash Run, which consisted of two runners drinking in the cherry blossom scenery, running 14 miles, and raising $110 for EatBCH, a grassroots charity that feeds people in need, the Voluntary Japan hooligans are at it again with another #run4peace, seeking to draw attention to the beauty of Japan, the speed and ease of crypto, and the needs it can help meet in the world.

All joking about the scale of these events aside, myself and a friend or two are going to be running again, this time a little over 26 miles (~43km) down the Sea of Japan coast, along a beautiful stretch of rocky green shoreline called the Sasagawa-nagare. The event’s name, making a bit of a pun on this, will be the Sasagawa-NagaRun. It’s gonna be a hot one, and long, but it will also be great to complete the journey, bring some extra attention to EatBCH, and take in the stunning beauty and lush scenery of Japan once more, now in summertime.

If you wish to help us support EatBCH, you can always donate directly to them! (this is why crypto is awesome) or you can go through our event, as we have a special wallet designated for pooling funds for them (this is helpful for folks who wish to support via PayPal and don’t know how to convert fiat to BCH). Either way is fine We just need something to do to keep our minds off of the lunacy currently going around, and on something positive! Please see the video for complete info.

If you want to donate via BCH you can do so here, directly to eatBCH, or via our Sasagawa-Nagarun BCH wallet where we’ll be pooling pledges:


For Paypal donation info, please email All BCH and PayPal donations will be sent the day of, or the day after the run is completed, with blockchain confirmation of the transaction and list of amounts shared here on to keep everything transparent! If you have any questions please direct them to the email above or the comments section of this post!




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