3rd Annual Waterfall Challenge 今年も滝行しました

Well, this winter’s indeed been tough and dark on many fronts for me. But nonetheless, we got back out to the falls again this year for the icy beating we all deserved and needed, to welcome in the coming spring, and to remember we are FUCKING ALIVE!!!! After the cold and pain and within it, there is something special hidden there. Both heart and body are reinvigorated!


My warrior monk wife. I am a lucky man.
It hurt this year more than last. Maybe the melting snow? Maybe the lack of sleep. But I took my exhilarating beating and woke up after, ready to live again.

Like last year, we went with a group of anti-mask cult pals. Even had a new kid from the clan go in! I won’t post their pics here for privacy reasons, but I sure am grateful such wonderful individuals exist.

Until next time!



By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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