Running Through Autumn in Tokyo (Course Idea)

Well, I realized Culture Day here in Japan — the date of the Autumn Anarchy Run mentioned in a previous post — falls on a Thursday this year, and as such I will not be able to run in my usual, Echigo mountain locations in Niigata.

But that’s okay. Because in spite of all the masked zombies and cult baloney still ruining much of the societal warmth that was present in the daily life of old, Tokyo is still beautiful and fantastic, and there are some things I’ve wanted to see and do there and have not yet done in my 12 years here in Jay-pan.

Image: Gussisaurio

Namely: run a solo ultramarathon in Tokyo and visit some nice autumn foliage sites in the city (though I may be early for the super rich colors, as it’s warmer there than in Niigata — Ah, well). AND. The real thing that sold it all to me: I just realized you can run across Rainbow Bridge! How fucking cool is that? 

So what I think I’m gonna do for my Autumn Anarchy Run is plot a course of ultramarathon distance in Tokyo, and run it there.

Here’s what I got in mind: From Sensō-ji Temple, through Ueno Park and down to the Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Avenue (famous avenue of trees), across the Shibuya Scramble, down to Rainbow Bridge, over the bridge, across Odaiba, out to the mouth of the Arakawa River, up the river path, across the bridge, and back to Ueno Park. Should be over 32 miles/around 50K. 

Let me know what you think of the course, and what courses you have planned for this fall’s running adventures!



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By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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