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The Echigo Ultra (60 miles through Niigata)

The Echigo Ultra is an ultramarathon I created in the wake of another trail race in Niigata being canceled unnecessarily and unexpectedly due to fear. This DIY race presented a great opportunity for me to showcase some of the beauty of Niigata (the region formerly known as “Echigo”) in the fall, and challenge myself to […]

Natural Order in Early Autumn

Out in the hills today for some running, thinking, breathing. Some thoughts on a high-tech return to natural order — a “New Anarcho-Salem,” if you will. Or if you won’t. Whatever. It’s just a video.

Pirate Summer Has Been a Success

I was going to make a video and post it here, but it’s too personal, and there’s no way to capture the fun adventure this summer has been. Now that summer vacation is over, and I am starting a new business with my family, it is time to look forward to the fall season, and […]


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