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The Logical Conclusion of Loving Freedom — and Others — Is Anarchism

(View on here) The supposed “problems” with anarchism are problems already created and made a million times worse by the current, violent statist paradigm.  Here’s a short conversation between A and B, about why freedom and self-ownership are all or nothing. *** A: Hi, Bob. I see you like gun rights and the 2nd […]

Happy Fall

Went out for a run today feeling very energized and happy, as the typhoon fever broke, and cool air returned to the archipelago. The autumnal equinox is just three days away, and I’m looking forward to what the season of bright-orange-flowered fragrant olive, changing leaves, cool air, hiking, and great mountain running has to bring. […]

There Is No ‘Borders Debate,’ Because I Am Not a Communist

(Click here to view on In this sense, the theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property. -Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto Check your premises. -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged FROM MARX TO MAGA: TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COMMIE COIN Very few self-described conservatives of today would condemn […]

Violent Governments Are Powerless Without Our Participation

John Lennon famously said: War is over, if you want it. People too thick to understand laughed and called him a utopian and a “dreamer,” which he readily acknowledged in song. A guy with pie-in-the-sky ideals, not fully in touch with reality. But actually, he was 100% correct. Whatever you may think of Lennon as […]

Run With Me to Zen Poet Ryōkan’s Hermitage

One of the amazing things about living in Japan is being so close to so much history all the time. Last winter I discovered that one of my favorite Zen poets — and one who is now famous worldwide, though long-gone from this world physically — Ryōkan, spent around 20 years near the foot of […]

‘Of Savage Disposition’ — Most People Don’t Actually Want Peace

I’ve gone to great pains over the years to refine my arguments for voluntaryism, testing myself to the brink of obsessive exhaustion, arguing against my own points and counterpoints in my head, talking to myself walking down the street, skipping sleep to understand something better — more thoroughly — reading, writing, debating, being wrong, being right, […]

Better Off Dead: Japan’s Covid-Cult Child Abuse Continues Unabated

*The kanji characters behind the teacher in the feature image are, ironically, the word “air.” While most regions of the world have left the masking largely behind, and “climate crisis” is the new boogeyman spooking the unthinking order followers, Japan is left in the lurch, still stringently obeying masking policies, getting injected with jab after […]

Spearfishing Update

I’ve been enjoying learning how to dive a bit and identify some fish and spear ’em and eat ’em these past months. After lots of very spooky (I’ve never really done diving around sunken rocks/tetrapods) and failed attempts — including a lost GoPro camera, stabbing myself in the heel, and a lost snorkeling mask — […]

I finished my first book

It’s not a full-on novel. More like a cliff notes of a full-on novel, and an autobiographical thing probably lacking proper character development. Technically, it’s a “novelette” by word count. Oh well, enough boring stuff. I never meant it to be orthodox because that was too intimidating, and I also didn’t really want to do […]


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