Ep. 03 Show Update: Live Stream Crapped Out. Vid Recording Failed.

My apologies to all who tuned in. I didn’t configure the broadcast settings or the recording settings correctly on my streaming software, and thus my whole two-hour conversation with Charles Giuliani of TruthHertzRadio has been lost.

Feeling pretty damn stupid right now. Kicking myself.

Will update if we can reschedule. FUUUUUUCK.

running Video

Winter Update — LIVE! Show Tomorrow w/TruthHertzRadio, New Article, Bit of Icy Running

Got a bit colder. Pipes in anarchy shack froze for a sec. Blanketed in snow now. In less than a day, if all goes well, I’ll be talking to Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz Radio and Christendumb about religion, the Bible, statism, the Covid-19 psyop, and brainwash in general. He’s a controversial figure that angers many, and challenges many, and provides relief and catharsis for those who’ve been put through the wringer by religion. Most of all I would say he is a freethinker.

You don’t wanna miss it! And neither do I, so I have to make sure I get this livestreaming-a-video-call thing figured out.

Here’s the link:

Hop in the live chat and submit your questions for Charles, or simply comment them here on this post! I’ll be checking both! If you cannot make the livestream @ 2:30am Japan Standard Time, 1/28 (12:30pm EST for USA on 1/27) no worries. Just check my Odysee channel for the replay.

In other news, here is my latest op-ed on Joe Biden and taxes and ice cream at

Peace, love, ice, and anarchy!


I Won’t Forget

I truly hope the stories I’m reading are true — that “masking” for CoViD NiNeTEEn may soon be a thing of the past here in Japan.

While the economic collapse is on its way, and this may simply be the result of said engineered collapse being engaged to the point that the dimwits comprising the state here can finally relax on the compulsive muzzle narrative — I’ll take it. Seeing some faces out and about after more than three years of this spineless, shameful social retardation and pastime of simple, cowardly fools will be a welcome change.

I’ve been very fucking sad and lonely. And your kids have had it much worse, you hand-sanitizing automaton dipshits.

But I won’t forget who went along with this, and who subjected their children and others to it. Will never, ever — absent an apology, changed behavior, and bearing of your heart — fully respect you again.

Hope it is true. Take the goddamn thing off already, you fuckers. Stop ruining the future.


Next Voluntary Japan LIVE! Guest + Winter Update

Well, January is always a tough month, isn’t it? All the same, I’m not giving up on seeing some goals through.

Got out for a 5-miler today, and ran out to the waterfall nearby that myself and some pals will be dipping into in February, to scope the scene. A couple small trees down in the path, but we should be good to go. Hopefully get some snow for the big day, too. You can check out 2020’s icy beating from the falls here (I can’t post the vids of the others now for privacy reasons, so here’s my chunky gaijin ass going for it):

For those who haven’t tried, or who deal with depression regularly (as I do) or physical ailments, I do recommend looking into cold showers as something to take up. “A cold shower a day keeps the doctor away,” as “Iceman” Wim Hof says. I don’t do them daily, but they have helped my mood immensely and also my body and sleep. After that icy bitch that brings you right into painful cold reality, there’s a euphoria and the stresses of the day get turned down. Not medical advice, of course. Make sure your heart is okay first. But yeah. It’s good stuff.

In other outdoor news, my son and I put together a bamboo-crafted temporary shelter last week, inspired by this cool survival channel on Odysee.

Finally, I’m happy to announce that Charles Giuliani of Christendumb and TruthHertzRadio will be coming on Voluntary Japan LIVE! for the next episode! We’re still hammering out the time details so please note this special guest show may occur at a time other than the announced every other Friday at 7pm JST.

Regardless, Charles’ work has impacted me deeply over the past few months and I’m pumped to talk to him and present his “controversial” (according to the mainstream perception) views on Christianity and government to Voluntary Japan’s followers. Somewhat similar to myself, he comes from a religious background and has been burned bad by the hypocrisy, manipulation, and outright hate that so often lies at the core of dogmatic organizations.

Hoping everyone out there is doing okay. Shit ain’t very pretty right now (especially here in muzzle world) going into year four of this fucking moron covi-climate-change-CBDC psyop, but every day we fight back and live our lives how we want to is a win. And let’s not stop.



Voluntary Japan LIVE! Ep. 02: “Holocaust Denial,” the Scam That Is Religion, and a Black Flag New Year

Going live again in a couple hours. Between 6 and 7pm JST. 

There is a reason some things are considered “simply unquestionable” and the reason is to keep you powerless and afraid. Even (and especially) the most bedrock assumptions and narratives of so-called society, are there for a reason that is insidious, rather than logical, factual, or ethical.

It’s a new year, and it is shaping up to be a tough one. But there are a few different ways to look at the color black. Anarchy can be used for good or evil, and it is up to us as individuals to decide.

Tune in with your preferred (boozy) libation of the night (or day) and speak your mind in the comments. Will be talking everything from The Kids in the Hall, to survival shelters, to Nazis, because hey, why not. Reality is what it is.

















For those idiots still wearing masks:

Your wonderful culture is about to disappear.

Your economy and society will die.

You guys have created a very sad and painful existence for your children.

Unable to speak and communicate properly.

Because everyone’s face is erased.


Because you don’t want to wake up

Not knowing about the “Great Reset,”

ignoring the dangers of vaccines,

basically, you are weaklings.

It’s such a wonderful world,

But if humans are like this,

It’s a waste.


Voluntary Japan LIVE! Is Back!

The itinerant, informal, Voluntary Japan LIVE! show has been re-booted, as it were. Hopefully I can improve the stream quality as we go along, but here is the first episode, broadcast live on Odysee. Good to be back! Hope to see you in the live chat on the next one!


Massive Attack 2023: Running, Music, Documentary Work (+Some Whisky Reviews)

Went out for a run today — have been running about once weekly these days, which is not a lot at all, but better than nothing — and was thinking about planning a new ultra-distance course to run for Spring. I’ve gained too much weight again and slowed down, but after swimming in a tasty vat of single malt Scotches for the past weeks/holidays (and Christening my floor with a full glass of one of them), eating my fair share of cheesy, bread-y everything, not sleeping regularly, and dipping in and out of deep depression, I’m going to need a new inner focus for the new year.

The focus will be triune in nature: 

  1. I’m currently working on material for a new album,
  2. helping put together a documentary with a friend, 
  3. and am looking to plan a new running course to endeavor upon in Spring as mentioned just above.

So yeah, whisky drinking is not part of that goal, but I did want to include some brief reviews here from a few new spirits I’ve been sampling recently. Or rather gulping down voraciously. Though, now, I’m gonna have to take a break and cut back a lot again as I did in October. Perhaps maybe just a dram or two on Sundays. Well, at least that will help me not only to focus, but also not to decimate the nice opened whiskies I have here at home now so quickly. In conjunction with the running goal, I’ll also post some pics/tunes from my recent two-mile runs just below. Have begun slowly working myself back up to steam engine shape. That’s the plan, at least.

Music-wise on runs, I’ve been listening to Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, and Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet. The two albums pictured above are winners all the way through. Trip-hop, ambient, electronic. All with a very nice vibe.

No sunshine in my life because the way I deal is hazy

And everyday’s a daisy ’cause I’m on my toes

While contemporaries of mine remaining comatose

-Massive Attack, “Blue Lines”

I’d like to feel that you could be free

Look up at the blue skies beneath a new tree

Sometime again

You’ll turn green and the sea turns red

My son I said the power of reflections over my head

The big wheel keeps on turning

On a simple line day by day

The earth spins on its axis

One man struggle while another relaxes

-“Hymn of the Big Wheel,” Massive Attack

As far as the physical end of training goes, I have to work on more core strength to help with issues in my hip and back. It’s easy to forget how important a solid core is to supporting your whole body. The issues with sleeping continue to nag at me. But I figure there must be some kind of way to still get strong, regardless. That said, it’s much, much easier and healthier I think, to train when you can follow the sun’s lead, instead of trying to hardwire your own circadian rhythm in an unusual way.

New Album and Documentary

I’ve been putting together some ideas for a new album over the past months. I’m feeling excited about what I’ve got so far. Now it’s just continuing to work out the songs, saving up money, and finding a good studio/producer. 

The documentary I mentioned I cannot really talk about, but it is about the garbage that’s been going on for the past three years now. Working with a cool anarchist organization to help them make their vision happen. More on that later.

Newly Sampled Whiskies/Tasting Notes

I’m getting tired so will just touch on this really quickly, but couldn’t go without putting these down in the list of now-experienced whiskies. Tasting the following three made me wish I had saved all my YouTube whisky reviews before deleting my channel. I’ve tasted quite a few by now, for a mere enthusiast, and am kind of proud of that. Anyway! Here we go:

Caol Ila 12-year

Nose: Hint of cinnamon, ash, sea salt, smoke on the tail, caramel overtones.

Mouth: Honeydew, iodine, bonfire, old wooden barn door, fresh grass, ashes in an ashtray, seaside salt, light and crisp, dry red wine, hospital, medicinal smell.

Finish: Fire, pepper, oak, smoke. 

Ardbeg Wee Beastie, 5 Years Old

Overall Impression: Lively, young, slightly simple perhaps in some sense, but delightfully intense. 47.4% ABV helps deliver that punch.


Nose: Solvent, raisins, chocolate. 

Mouth: Ashes, sea salt, toffee, tar, blackberry syrup, charred salmon.

Finish: Black pepper, smoke, oil.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Rye

I think this was my first time ever trying a straight rye whisky. It’s the first time I’ve knowingly imbibed one, at least. I mostly stick with Islay region single malt Scotches. That said, I really liked this. More than bourbon in some major ways, too. It’s not as overpoweringly sweet as bourbon can be. 

Nose: Hint of spicy rye, prunes, oaky, nutty oils, mint, fresh leaves, delicate balance.

Mouth: Tiny hint of Werther’s Original candy, hesitant spices… Then, all of a sudden: an explosion of spices, pepper, biting oak oils, and rye all across the palette with more spice, oak, and minty hints in the background.

Finish: Very dry, spicy, flash of intense warmth, then gone.

Bring on 2023!

Well, that’s all for me, for now. Thanks so much for reading. Am looking forward to what the new year brings, or rather, what we will make of it as freedom-loving individuals. The world is indeed in a very, very, bleak place currently. But also, this has been the story across history, depending on where one is and one’s individual circumstances. “One man struggle while another relaxes.” But damn, this time it is truly global. And damn, is it dark. People here in Japan are still wearing the muzzles, too, so I haven’t really seen human faces in public as a normal thing for almost three years now. Soon to go on four. 

Well, they can go to hell, so to speak. Those of us still alive, unmasked, calling out the bullshit openly: THANK YOU.

Let’s keep making events, keep networking, and most importantly enjoying those we love and taking practical steps to become more self-sufficient and ready to defend ourselves that we may thrive all the more in freedom and self-ownership.

Let’s kick ass, in other words.



What Is Anarchy?

Anarchy is everything, in a sense. 

Most literally, it simply means “no ruler.”

We can also see that “leader” in the above definition is not just a voluntarily assented to leader, such as a painting instructor or club president. “Archon” being the root of “monarch,” the difference is easy to understand. A ruler leverages violent force. A mere leader does not necessarily do so. 

Anarchy does not mean “utopia” as no such thing ever has, or can ever (in this realm at least), exist. Anarchy does not necessarily mean “chaos” or “violence” — as goes the colloquial conception — or even “order” or “peace.” It could be argued that anarchy — like the sun and moon and mountains and sea — just…is. 

Governments, international banking organizations, and supranational bodies already function in pure anarchy. There is no cohesive, singular ruler overseeing them, ultimately. Everyday people function in pure anarchy, too. Making consensual transactions and rejecting the use of violent force. Anarchy can be used, like any tool or basic reality, for good or not-so-good. 

Voluntaryism is one kind of anarchy, which quite simply says: I own myself and my property and no human has greater rights than another human in that regard.

No one can own the body and property, the life, of another human legitimately — even if they call themselves a king, a cop, a priest, or an expert in medicine. All interactions should be consensual (don’t you believe in the golden rule?), and when someone violates or attempts to violate my body or property, I can defend myself. Property a la voluntaryism just means that which I acquire legitimately: by way of making, homesteading, or acquiring things through my body’s labor and/or trade, or inheriting them from a previous owner.

Property is an extension of one’s body, in this view. And, as all sane human individuals agree (whether tacitly or explicitly, in action or in word), that our bodies and lives are our own, this is thus a very solid basis upon which to base any society which holds non-violence as a value to be attained to a maximal degree. 

Other methods fail. See: All around you. 

Kings and states and other such religious people and groups claim vast swathes of land and jurisdiction over billions of other human beings just by mere say-so.

“I, Sir Graham of wherever, have been chosen by God to rule this land! Submit!”

And democracy is no better, ultimately. It’s just a euphemism for mob rule. In the same way “taxation” is a euphemism for literal extortion. I magically, as “King Graham,” do not only have dominion over my own home and land and body, but also over that of everyone that just happens to be born in the whole massive area I claim to own. I convince some gullible folks I am descended from the sky, or that it’s “God’s will” I become president, or that I have social justice in mind, and get useful idiots to scribble my decrees on paper after I’m chosen in a rigged election, and it becomes “the law” — whether or not the peaceful people to by ruled by said law agree with it all. Truly insane. Real fuckin’ nuthouse shit. And it’s called “civilized.”

If one looks honestly, most of the human-caused suffering — death and murder and thievery and rape and pillage and trafficking and torture and other such evil — has come from so-called nations and states. Governments. Countries. It hasn’t come from your neighbor down the street. 

“Countries” are really nothing more than a group of mere individuals (often inept buffoons armed with sociopath charisma) claiming arbitrary power over you. It’s not even close: When it comes to statism’s body count versus the private sector, it is the statist, and not the anarchist, who needs to be defending their murderous, psychotic, utopian death cult. 

To think that maximal peace could ever result from such an absurd arrangement is indeed utopian. The practical realization that there needs to be order and peace based on logical foundations such as a universal property norm (self-ownership), and not misguided attempts to “elect the right man” or bludgeon dissenters into submission, is voluntaryism. I don’t get to tell you what to do in non-violence with your body or property, and you don’t get to tell me, either. Most people actually already claim to believe this, anyway. 

Constantly refusing to step into anarchy and the responsibility of one’s own life and self-ownership, in lieu of fawning over so-called “great man” leaders, is existential suicide. It takes guts and understanding to accept reality and own oneself. Until many more individuals step into their power here, and recognize this reality — attested to not only by human praxeology but biology itself (try to blink my eyes for me, or think my thoughts, or move my arm more directly and immediately than I can), the tyrants that rule and brainwash the masses will — tragically — hold their power.

Vile parasites disguised as “servants.”

Anarchy is beautiful, if we make it so. And many societies in history already have to some degree or another. Examples can be found from the tuatha of ancient Irelandto the everyday goings-on in your small town this very day. Cops and taxes (theft) aren’t required for you to not murder the local hairstylist or plumber. The person who would do that is a minuscule percentage of any population. And it is possible to have free market, privately funded defense organizations to defend against those fringe psychos. It’s a disgusting myth that humans are always evil and bad and want to harm each other. Believing this is what gives so-called governments their power. And excuses for keeping the provably illogical and immoral state around wouldn’t hold even if no example of historic anarchy “being tried” could be cited. The same way asking “but who will pick the cotton if we don’t have slaves!?!?” is irrelevant, so is asking, “but who will pay for things and protect us without the theft and murder of government!?” 

Psychos often gravitate toward jobs in the state. Psychotic individuals and sociopaths love arbitrarily assigned seats of massive power over hundreds of millions of other people. Just look at politicians today: child molesters, restricters of the movement of others, and literal mass murderers. 

That sure as hell ain’t your neighbor down the street. And if it was, you’d move away or decisively deal with the threat somehow, as soon as possible.


Happy Holidays from Voluntary Japan (Music, Life Update, and New Links)

Got Some Sleep, Had Some Thoughts

I finally had a full sleep for the first time in about two weeks. Not sleeping is evil. It plays havoc with one’s mind and body. After seeing a doctor, talking with my folks in the states, and something just kind of snapping inside — well, being completely exhausted, too — I finally got 7 unbroken hours of slumber. A miracle for me. 

I was amazed when I woke up and checked the time. 

Have been really struggling with a kind of solitude and darkness. In some ways it seems very necessary. Lots of stuff kicked off when I took a month break from alcohol, and started learning about some almost inconceivably huge psychological operations and false flags that I hadn’t known about before. 

But the not sleeping thing has been destructive. It’s stress, a health issue, working odd hours, insomnia and all kinds of other garbage that’s been mixing me up both internally and physically. Newfound isolation in the ongoing toxic milieu of the 2020 psyop, too. Quit Twitter three weeks ago, and stopped hearing daily from many of the sane voices I love and respect, and who care about me, too. But I could no longer stand to be on that greasy platform run by narc messiah Musk

So yeah. Feeling like I have overcome something of a hurdle here, and woke up today much more full of life! Played with my son for a little bit and decided I’d go for a run as now I had the energy. I’d also not really been out in daylight in a long, long time, which is really fucked up. 

Got a message from a bright yellow t-shirt hanging up as I was getting dressed, made possible by another shirt partially obscuring the text written on it. “I AM YOU” is now my new name for what people call “God.”A kind of riff on the Judaic concept of “I AM.” As a logical justification of this impression, if there were an omnipresent creator or intelligence, all of us would by necessity be part of it, and indeed BE IT, so we had better do our best not to ruin this existence and whatever might come after. And even if there weren’t such a conception, this is what we got to deal with anyway, right here and now, so we had better get on with it. 

I was also pleased to see someone had read my article on the Bible and voluntaryism being incompatible here on Read dot Cash and provided their own excellent and thought-provoking take on things. Reading @Jnavedan‘s post “Ramblings about the will of mankind” was a great start to my day. 

But enough of this high-falutin’ ultimately confusing, new-age-retard-sounding extrapolation. Though it’s not meant to come off that way, and hopefully someone gets what I mean. It’s like that Zen Buddhist story of a master and his monk walking along and the student says how the mountains on the horizon look like the reclining form of the Buddha and how beautiful it is. The master says something like: “How much more beautiful it would have been if you hadn’t said that.” Hah! So that said:

Life Focus, Running, and Music

My focus remains kicking ass, enjoying life, and dissolving the state with the acid of reason. I had a thought on my run, too, regarding what probably holds the most meaning for me in my life: If anything in this world is “proof of something more,” it is music. Music on a nice run through the big world outside is where it’s at. Playing and making and writing and recording songs for me is better than all the philosophy in the world. 

Before running this morning I hooked up the phone to the downstairs stereo and got things going to AC/DC’s “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution.” My god that song sounds so fucking good cranked on beefy-ass speakers. It’s like being in the room with the Angus and the snare drum. Got my running gear on and did two miles and my time wasn’t too bad, though I could feel the extra work it took hauling the extra gut I’ve acquired over the past bumpy months.

Beautiful snowflakes today. Nice December grayness. I love the way the persimmons still hanging on to the bare trees look this time of year. Beautiful melancholy fantastic. 

Listened to the album “Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham,” by Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet to start my run. They’re the same band that provided the theme song for the sketch comedy show “The Kids in the Hall.” Excellent stuff. 

Went out to a local temple to say hi to the my friend there — a buddha/bodhisattva — and enjoyed the scenery. Walked home to Brian Eno’s “1/1,” soaking in the ambient church. Had my own private “onsen” at home, getting into the hot bath and opening the window to the backyard so I could feel the cool air and watch the snow fall against the deep green winter foliage and pink flowers.

Voluntary Japan’s Latest Moves, and Wishing You Happy Holidays!

As for Voluntary Japan official activities, I’ve got a Cashrain community now where community members can receive free “rains” of BCH (bitcoin cash), or rains for doing some small task such as sharing a post, etc. I have deleted VJ’s YouTube, Twitter, and other surveillance/greasy social media accounts and am now just focusing on stuff like and Read, as well as my own blog at Voluntary Japan. I have an invite link to Cashrain for anyone interested, by the way. Just comment below if you want it. Oh, and you can find my vids at Odysee.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays. The freakin’ mask cult is still running strong here, CBDCs and surveillance society continue to move in on us all, and it’s time to really be prepared for the brainwashed folks around us to go further and further into evil realms as they mindlessly do the bidding of the state. All that said, as Andy Dufresne said in Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.”

Let’s end this post with an amazing Christmas jam by heaven-touched-mind producer Tatsuro Yamashita, and a bit of Japanese nostalgia. Damn this song makes me emotional. Especially with the video. Wishing I could have experienced that Japan for a bit, back in the 80s.

Here ya go. The mirrored YT link may load slowly. But it’s worth the wait. If you don’t care about privacy though, you can just listen to the song somewhere else. It’s worth it. So yeah, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and three cheers for the utter subversion of them nasty bastards calling themselves the state, and violating their fellow man. FUCK ‘EM. Hoping you and yours will be on top of the world this season.