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Japan’s Gov Downgrades ‘Covid’ to Seasonal Flu Status, Automatons Still Covering Their Faces Like Pathetic Disgusting Soulless Fucks

Well, the psyop called “covid-19” is now no more serious than the flu — which as I have documented previously magically disappeared completely once “covid-19” was introduced to the world — according to the J-gov.

This took effect on May 8. Sadly, most mindless dipshits here still think like this pathetic dude, quoted in Japanese media after the downgrade:

There is some positive news, though. I have been seeing a few more people unmasked, and now especially don’t give a fuck at all if I annoy people when entering hotels, etc. I never did wear a mask even when the pressure was immense and I was asked to leave places, and now I can just laugh at the folks still doing it (actually I have to laugh so I don’t end up hating them even more. And I mean the ones doing it compulsively, for no reason. Not occasionally for pollen allergies, etc. I mean the ones driving in their cars masked. Walking outside masked. Masking their poor kids. Making people in their businesses feel weird. Those zombie assholes.)

Kids at elementary schools are still wearing masks outside, too. I still can’t forgive what the soulless dumbfucks have done to these little guys. But I know they are human somewhere down there, most of them. But effectively, they have practically become sub-human by denying that they are vertebrates with hearts, minds, and compassion. Like Toru up there in the news clipping, they’re sheepishly aiding in the deterioration and retardation of actual human society, by their spineless “going with the flow.”

But that’s enough negativity! Spring is here. The sun is out. The masked idiots look extra dumb now! Running. Spearfishing. BBQs. All that good stuff to come!


(Lastly — a perhaps unnecessary note about the “R” word. People have reprimanded me for using it in the past. It can be an ugly term. That’s kind of the point. Not that I owe anyone an explanation or apology, or that it helps, but I mean it in the same way “moron,” “imbecile,” and “idiot” are now commonly used (all of which themselves used to be clinical terms for the developmentally and mentally challenged, and are now used endlessly and mindlessly shouted by the very same folks scolding me for saying “retard,” ironically!)

I’ve never met or seen anyone with Down Syndrome or any other so-called disability that I would think of as being “retarded” in that pejorative sense. I’ve met many retards in masks, however. Folks who choose to be backwards and mentally disabled when they don’t have to be. And I know personally of some of these retards keeping a disabled child out of a kids’ play area during the scamdemic because the little guy had sensory issues and couldn’t wear the goddamn face rag! Pure cruelty. So yeah, for better or for worse I choose this word — it has some extra emotionally-charged, nasty invective bite that these wadded-panties-up-the-ass, scandalized PC fucks shriek about. Plus the meme is just … funny.

Maybe I’ll adjust that in the future. But not now.


Update: Considering a Pivot from VolJapan; It’s Been a Wonderful Spring of Anarchy!

At some point, if a grown adult wishes to believe in what is effectively the Santa Claus myth but with lots more violence, pedophilia, and no presents at all, they are going to, no matter what evidence they’re presented with to the contrary.

I feel like I’ve done alright in presenting the common sense philosophy of Voluntaryism since about 2015 (after becoming an anarchist in 2013), across thousands of posts, myriad videos, articles, debates and interactions, though I haven’t done it in the most organized way, some might argue. But that was always the hard part: to me it all seems part of one and the same cool thing: The beauty of this world and living free to enjoy it! Thus the posts about running, art, old hotels, crypto, legal philosophy, religion, stop-motion movies, Johnny Carson and Van Halen, etc., etc. I am laughing now because I do see how I drove my more serial-minded, more organized blogging and podcast-loving pals kinda nuts.

To cut to the point, I’ve grown tired of arguing and debating all the ins and outs to scoffers, and explaining ad nauseum even to those willing to listen.

Along the way there have been many rewarding moments! Moments where people had the same kind of lightbulb moment I did when I finally broke out of the statist thought cage. As such, I think I have done my job for now. Reason being, I just wanna enjoy the art in life without having to explain why a property norm is necessary, that we all own ourselves, and that order can be — and is achieved right now — in the absence of governments. To me, it has come to feel like trying to tell grown adults that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real, while they argue with me and laugh. An exercise in madness. And we’re kinda at the zero hour now. Where action has become the order of the day, now that the logical and philosophical/”legal” foundation of self-ownership has been thoroughly laid. It is of course a work centuries old, from before and through Emerson and Thoreau and Auberon Herbert, to Wendy McElroy and SEKIII, and onward — it’s as old as the first human, really, and will go on.

Nothing has changed about my views. I’ve come to them rigorously, with endless hours of reading, thinking, questioning, being proven wrong on one point or another, and continuing to grow. Most importantly, I’ve known all along in some way. It’s all really freaking simple!

Coming to greater clarity about my views has been the result of scraping more and more junk away to reveal what was always already there — myself — and not adding other people’s programs on like so many soul-offending tumors.

Yes, it is wrong to violate someone, or aggress against someone not harming you. Like they taught us as kids: don’t hit and don’t steal, but you can defend yourself against bullies. Then they turned around and gave gov and god a green light to do just those things and bully (and murder and rape and steal from) everyone. Hah! Well, if folks want to support pedophiles and extortion to pay for strangers in suits to brainwash young kids to murder other strangers overseas, and kill their kids, or jail people for a plant, well… Hell, that’s the path they’ve chosen, isn’t it?

The belief in pedophile murder “gods,” ethnic supremacism, and golden rules — where the proponents of said rule are not even following it — is even worse and more endemic in a way than just statism, so-called, but really it is all the same thing. It’s all part of the same delusion and self-cheat: Refusing to see with one’s own eyes, and think with one’s own mind, and feel with one’s own heart, for better or worse, growing and correcting along the way, and instead opting to take someone else’s word for it just because they say you must.

I’m gonna keep this page here, especially for the resources like our Japanese/English intro to Voluntaryism (which I know firsthand did help one guy’s Japanese wife to understand this crazy Voluntaryist stuff he’s always talking about! :)), and probably continue to update now and then. But I’m also going to be starting something new, focused on cool shit, and not trying to explain all the shit people should already understand anyway.

Something more in line with travel, music, running, Japanese culture, maybe crypto, and other such things, but a little off the beaten path. And without laying out the central tenets of why it is important to not bash your fellow human being’s life in with the club of the state every goddamn time. It has become too pedantic and a drag. It’s preschool stuff. It will be there as an “understood.”

That in mind — holy shit — the beautiful anarchy of the flowers this year! Spring has been great, with crypto happenings, tons of runs, visiting friends and breweries, and working on new music.

I really do appreciate the followers of this blog. The comments, interactions, and support means so much to me. Especially with all that has been happening to me personally, and in the world psychologically as of late. We’re under a fucking evil attack to be sure. It’s the biggest and dumbest con. The good thing is, once it is seen, its true power completely ceases. We cannot lose, ultimately, because we are idea people. Freedom and non-violence enjoyers of this world co-opted by lies. I wanna continue to support you all in some way if I can, too. Please consider joining the website to blog for Bitcoin Cash (I am over there too), and if you do, let me know in the comments so I can check out your stuff.

Again, this ain’t the end of the road for Voluntary Japan I don’t think, but there are several other paths I wanna run down, so there may be less footprints here in the future. And I wanna keep things here more on-point from now on as far as being based explicitly on the philosophy of Voluntaryism, apolitical reasoning, and arguing the logical and legal merits of non-violence — something that does not always lend itself to “lighthearted” or more abstract type creativity and blogging.

So, here we go.


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Reality Is Open Source: Don’t Let Closed Source Thinkers Steal It From You

Please check out my latest post on here.


Thoughts After Weed-Whacking

The loneliest thing is when you finally come to trust yourself, above any man or so-called god.

It’s absolutely alienating. But it’s necessary if one would grow. And really love fully.

And it doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes or bad judgement calls at times.

It’s just a final and resolute refusal to be taken in by the biggest pyramid scam ever concocted: selling out your own eyes and heart to sheepishly follow some other mere mortal’s prescriptions for your life.

F*** that.


Statements Every Bible Believer Must Agree With

For the purposes of this post, “Bible believer” is defined as someone who believes that what is written in the Bible is true, and inspired by God.

One of the most frustrating and enraging things for me coming out of religion has not been that Christians disagree with me, or I with them, but that the overwhelming majority refuse to debate honestly, or in a decent, human, and authentic way. Most refuse to even engage at all. It’s the rare one that is real and honest enough to actually listen to a question and say “I don’t know,” when they reach an impasse. I can respect that. The other, robotic dismissal thing boils my blood, and breaks my heart, because I put in literal decades doing what they said — studying and praying and seeking, because they told me it was right — and I believed 110%. To be brushed off and ignored after all that… What a nasty, nasty scam.

Without further ado, here is a brief list of statements all Bible believers must agree with, according to the Bible itself:

  1. God creates evil. (Isaiah 45:7)
  2. All scripture (i.e. Bible verses) are “God-breathed.” (2 Timothy 3:16)
  3. Hitler was placed in power by God. (Romans 13:11)
  4. It is shameful for men to have long hair. (1 Corinthians 11:14)
  5. Women may not talk in church. (1 Corinthians 14:34)
  6. Slavery is acceptable and slaves should serve even abusive masters. (1 Peter 2:18) (Leviticus 25:44-46Note that slaves are to come from the heathen i.e. “goyim” in Hebrew, and not from the Israelites) (Titus 2:9)
  7. It is sometimes okay to lie and cheat (even with your parents) to get a reward. (Genesis 27:19) (Genesis 20Note that God punishes the innocent parties in this story for Abraham’s now second instance of this type of lie)
  8. Humans can be acceptably killed and sacrificed to God. (Judges 11:29-40) (Leviticus 27:28, 29) (Deuteronomy 13:15, 16) (Genesis 22:2)
  9. Pedophilia, murder, and rape are acceptable when God allows or commands them. (Numbers 31: 17, 18, 32, 35)
  10. Infanticide and abortion are acceptable if God commands them. (Exodus 13:15) (1 Samuel 15:3) (Numbers 5:23-28)
  11. Polygamy is acceptable. (Deuteronomy 21:15 among myriad other examples of “godly men” keeping many wives and concubines).
  12. Kids are punished for the sins of their fathers. (Exodus 34:7)
  13. Kids are not punished for the sins of their fathers. (Ezekiel 18:20)
  14. You should obey the government. Resisting government is resisting god and results in judgment/damnation even after Christ’s sacrifice. (Romans 13:1) (Titus 3:1) (Romans 13:2)
  15. Jesus accepts taxation and state authority to collect taxes. (Luke 3:13)
  16. Jesus said he came only for the Jews. (Matthew 15:24, 25)
  17. Jesus called a non-Jewish woman a “dog.” (Matthew 15:24, 25)
  18. Jesus advises not to pray or worry about food like the “Gentiles” do. (Matthew 6:7) (Matthew 6:31, 32)
  19. Believers can handle venomous snakes and drink poison and live. (Mark 16:17, 18)
  20. Elders praying over sick people will — always is the implication — save them. (James 5:14, 15)
  21. No Christian ever sins. People who do not love their brothers or do not practice righteousness are not saved. (1 John 3:7-10)
  22. You cannot lose your salvation after being saved. (Romans 8:1) (Romans 8:38, 39) (John 10:28, 29)
  23. You can definitely lose your salvation after being saved. (2 Peter 1:10) (Hebrews 10:26-30) (2 Peter 2:20-21) (2 John 1:8) (1 Corinthians 9:24-27) (Revelation 2:2-6) (Revelation 3:2-5) (Revelation 3:11) (Revelation 20:12 — Judged according to works, not faith alone)
  24. God wants all people to be saved but also makes some people for the purpose of being destroyed and not saved. (1 Timothy 2:3, 4) (2 Peter 3:9) (Romans 9:14-24)
  25. Ostensibly saved people can still be punished or killed for sins even after accepting Christ’s sacrifice for sins. (Acts 5:1-11) (1 Corinthians 5:5)
  26. The Holy Spirit itself says it is “necessary” to follow Old Testament law even after Christ’s death. (Acts 15:28, 29)
  27. Paul follows the Old Testament law to trick the Jews in Jerusalem into thinking he is still compliant with tradition, and that rumors of his radical teachings about not needing circumcision and the law are a lie. (Acts 21:24-26)
  28. In the New Jerusalem, non-Jews will be the servants and slaves of Jews, serving to bring “glory” and money into the city. (Isaiah 49:22, 23) (Isaiah 54:3, 10-12) (Isaiah 60:10-22) (Isaiah 61:5, 6) (Revelation 21:26 “nations” = Gentile )
  29. People from the ethno-religious/”racial” group “Jews” are superior to all other people. (Deuteronomy 7:6) (Romans 11:18) (Romans 2:10)
  30. All are equal in Christ, but Jews are preferred, as Gentiles are “contrary to nature.” (Romans 11:24)
  31. It’s okay to murder a crowd of children for making fun of old bald guys, if the old bald guys are prophets. (2 Kings 2:23-25)
  32. Mary Magdalene was overjoyed and already on her way, running back to tell the others Christ was gone from the tomb, when she first encountered the risen Jesus, immediately recognizing him. (Matthew 28:1-10)
  33. Mary Magdalene was crying and sad and didn’t recognize him, and still at the tomb, when she first encountered the risen Jesus. (John 20:11-18)

That’s enough of this lunacy for now. I gotta get back to my life.

Video running

Running to Zen Poet Ryōkan’s Hut on Kugami Mountain (27 miles)

Join me on a run to Mount Kugami while taking in some of Ryōkan’s Zen poetry.

(To watch on Odysee, click here)

music Pirate Summer running Video

Latest Tunes and Upcoming Runs — Ryōkan Run, Sasagawa Naga-Run

Actually made myself sit down with a video and do a 30-minute stretch routine. Recent nagging issues are still bugging me, but it is once again time to run out to Zen poet Ryōkan’s historic hermitage on Mt. Kugami in Niigata, so I’ve got to be ready!

If you’re interested, here’s the vid from last year. My god was it a beautiful day.

Recent music I’ve been jamming to while running: My Bloody Valentine, The Creation, Ela Minus, AC/DC, and Mansun.

Running through Tokyo to Ela Minus’ album Acts of Rebellion was a treat!

What are you guys listening to?

After the Ryōkan run I am once again hoping to do the ultra-distance “Sasagawa Naga-Run” race me and a friend did back in 2020 to have fun and say “fuck you” to the CoRoNa panic. Wonderful stretch of coastline, extremely hot and kind of the worst time to do such a run, and that is why it is the best. Check out the vid here!

-G Voluntary


Sakura Cash Run 4 Was a Blast!

Well, the 4th annual Sakura Cash Run was a big success! Great weather, great people, and a great course! Please enjoy the video below or (here on Odysee) to check out the participants, the scenery, and the fantastic blossoms this year.

Over two BCH was raised for Satoyama Harmony free school, converted to yen (at request of school) at this tx id, and donated to the teacher/facilitator/owners! Hopefully this has sparked their curiosity about bitcoin cash, at least. We’ve got to get this circular economy going!

Thanks to all who participated in the run and those who also showed up in spirit (looking at you, J.R. :))! See you next year!



Weapons of Mass Retardation (The ‘Chosen’ People Delusion that Supported the Iraq Massacre)

Why are we not allowed to talk about this stuff? The Zionist/American Exceptionalist reasons for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, that is. It was never (obviously) about 9/11 or “weapons of mass destruction.” But of course, the morons populating the planet believed that shit. Observing the Judaistic (that includes Christianity as a sect of the same) and nationalist forces behind that military massacre has nothing to do with “race” (there is only one human race), but everything to do with geo-political beliefs about some mystical inherent bullshit supremacism.

Haaretz in April 2003 — Here’s a Jewish publication saying the Iraq war was largely a Jewish idea, alluding to the idea it was done to help secure the state of Israel. Combine that with the American exceptionalist bullshit about “spreading democracy” (which is a horrible idea anyway, as democracy is merely a euphemism for violent, mob rule), and a whole bunch of gov-worshipping Bible beaters gung-ho to “support the holy land” and bam. One mass murder for GAWD AND CUNTRY, coming right up.

So what started the war? Whose idea was it? It was about “weapons of mass destruction” and in response to 9/11, right? Started by George W. Bush to protect America and freedom and puppy dogs, right? Well, let’s first ask Haaretz:

It’s “a greater war, for the shaping of a new Middle East”? “Because what happened on September 11“???

So who were the hijackers? Definitely from Iraq, right? Nope. Not-a-fuckin’ one. Shouldn’t there have been a massive attack launched on Saudi Arabia? The land from which 15 of them hailed? Oh. Well. They’re pals with the American/Israeli supremacist cult folk, so that won’t work. Better aim at the lesser brown people if we need to make a war.

“We told them u guys did that 9/11 shit, and then blamed Iraqis lmao”

What did the late Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist Charles Krauthammer have to say about the reason for the war? Well, he gives brief lip service to the supposed weapons of mass destruction which were never found, but “beyond that” or “at a deeper level” as Kristol said above, it was demonic deals with Arabs:

An article from Salon published before the invasion (September 2002) also said interesting things:

Damn. All these voices are like a broken record: Israel’s security.

So… Scrapping peace negotiations. “Deeper levels.” Massive Jewish support — and the very concepts/ideas/propaganda for the war created largely by Jewish individuals and militantly pro-Israel U.S. nationalists.

Support garnered from huge swathes of the Jewish community and of course from millions of adherents to that sect of Judaism called Christianity. And in the end: Not a single Iraqi on the 9/11 flights as a hijacker, and no weapons of mass destruction.

The Salon article closes:

As peace activist and former Israeli Knesset member Marcia Freedman says, “[Ariel] Sharon has publicly encouraged the Bush administration to make war with Iraq. The Sharon government sees it as an opportunity to reshuffle the cards in the Middle East.” And many American Jewish organizations, she says, “have chosen to unquestioningly support the policies and positions of the Sharon government. If they were going to oppose the war, they would be opposing the stated position of the current government of Israel.”

Is it really a surprise that adherents to a thousands-of-years-old tribal murder cult religion still support the direct massacre of the outsiders all around them?

And no way, get right outta town — a spinoff sect from the same violent belief system — upon whose insane tenets America and so many western nations were built — unquestioningly supports war in the name of the same supposed god. What a shocker.

Of course, this type of evil is not limited to Judaism. But it remains arguably the most powerful “chosen people” cult out there. Second to the statist cult, perhaps. But it is also, as evidenced above, part and parcel of that. And that includes the Christian religion, too, which pushes the same perverse ideas in spite of what some modern Christians may say.

Some identifying as Jewish of course did stand against the war. I have massive respect for them for that. It is statism and any other violent religion in general that is the problem. Any belief system that says some people are “chosen” and/or special, or have “extra” rights that others don’t, is not for sane people. It’s for violent supremacists.

The police can do violent things you can’t, and not be punished, because they are “special.”

The president needs to have guns for protection, but you don’t, because he is “special,” and you are not.

It was okay for the Hebrews to slaughter babies and rape children in the Torah/Bible, because they were God’s “special” people.

It’s okay for the U.S. military to slaughter innocent families overseas, and for young, naive soldiers on both sides to die, or be mutilated, or have their minds and hearts destroyed, because the unholy and demonic forces must be stopped, to do the “will of god.”

Is it any wonder that people raised on vile beliefs like this would support massacre — Christians and Jews and Muslims and any brand of nationalist alike — in the name of a fairy tale? Almost all people in the world still support the biggest violent religious cult there is: statism. Where politicians are the “chosen” ones who get to own the rest of us.

To hell with all of it. It’s for morons.