No Need to ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’ the Vaccine Debate – The Only Real Issue is CONSENT

The most important issue in the vaccine debate is not safety, but consent.

Maybe you think the Sars-Cov-19 jab was created on Mars by satanic Bill Gates clones with microchipped monkey appendages. Maybe you think masks miraculously cured influenza and heart attack victims should be counted as covid deaths. Maybe Dr. Fauci is your hero. Maybe you think he’s full of shit. Luckily, when it comes to consent, none of this bullshit debating matters.

It’s My Body. Full Stop.

Your body is yours. My body is mine. 

You want to take the new vaccine. I do not. 

I want to open my business. You want me to stay home. 

So what do we do? 

We enter a fierce and largely pointless debate about the safety and efficacy (or lack thereof) of a supposed new medical treatment. If no persuasion is achieved, we resort to leveraging the violence of the state by voting to force one another into unwilling compliance, even though we have never previously harmed each other, and don’t know each other personally.  

Yay! Three cheers for civilized society.

But these anti-vaxxers are endangering others!


We can’t! We have to share public spaces! 


These covidiots want to destroy our livelihoods!


We can’t! They are making laws to force their opinions on us violently!


Live and Let Live, Or A Club on the Head?

Civilized individuals try to live and let live peacefully, as much as possible. The truth is, violence is expensive – financially, socially, emotionally. The majority of humans seek to avoid it at all costs. 

What humans are not generally averse to, however, is outsourcing their violence to a euphemism called the state, or “government.” Whichever party controls the government (read:legal monopoly on violence), therefore controls the laws.

But there is one huge problem with government. These laws were created arbitrarily, not based on logic or concrete reality. Legally recognized rights are not universal to all individuals. Some individuals enjoy far greater rights than others, by virtue of government’s magical and arbitrary assignment thereof. 

For example, murderous, crooked cops often enjoy extreme immunity from the legal pressure and scrutiny that would otherwise be applied to “common criminals.” Giant pharmaceutical companies which lobby the state have legislation tailor made for them by the state, to mitigate their damages and decrease accountability. This would not be done for the “average individual.”

Body Ownership Is Non-Negotiable

The answer to the state’s arbitrary violence, and the answer to the vaccine debate is simple: my body, my choice.

If I do not consent to having a needle driven into my arm, you had damn well better stay away from me. Once you attempt to do this, I am in my natural law rights to do anything I need to do to stop you. 

If you do not consent to me being on your property unvaxxed, or without a mask, I had better damn well heed your request to leave. Why? That property was acquired by you legitimately via your body, which you own. For me to trespass against your property is to effectively claim ownership over your body. You would be within your natural law rights to use physical force to remove me. 

See how easy that is?

So what’s the problem? The problem is the anti-concept called “public property.”

Public property is a myth propagated by centralized, non-consensual governments. All public property can do is engender conflict and potentiate violence. Imagine we both pay taxes for the same library. I want there to be a no mask policy. You want the opposite. There is no option afforded where we can have competing libraries with different policies, because the state sets blanket policies and law for all libraries in our geopolitical region. Where did the state get this awesome power? They simply appointed it to themselves. Not based on reality. Not based on body ownership. They simply “said so” in godlike fashion.

This is different than joint use of private property where all respective owners fully and freely consent to the joint usage, and where all property concerned was legitimately acquired via their bodies. 

All this said, if you attempt to force a needle on someone, you are pro-violence. 

If you attempt to force someone to take off their mask, it is the same. 




The Party

We shall finally rest

Dancing in green fields at the foot of mountains

In the safety of awakened love

The village warm

The party ready

Nothing but celebration

And work worth doing

Eating the days alive

No longer ignoring the

Joy of the earth

As she throbs with delight


Intro to Voluntaryism – Decentralized, Individualist Order


Sex, Money, and Medicine: Why Consent Is Never Optional

Prepare for an exciting journey into the twisted logic of statism. Consent may not be what you thought it was!

Consenting to a Mugging

You’re walking through a park late at night. Suddenly the cold metal of a gun barrel is jammed against your temple, painfully stretching the skin on your face. “Gimme your money,” an aggressive voice demands in your ear. Having no choice but to give up your wallet or possibly die, you hand over all you have, and fall to the ground in shocked relief as the assailant disappears into the trees with your wallet in hand.

Lucky for you, the mugger didn’t actually force you to pay. You had a choice. You consented. You were free to choose to die and keep your wallet, but you instead chose to live, which in this case carried the cost of losing all your money. Tough cookies, but that’s just how life goes sometimes.

Consenting to Taxes

It’s the same with paying taxes. Some people bitch and moan about having to pay their fair share and sure, there are some valid reasons people oppose taxation. Some people don’t want to pay for wars that kill innocent people. Some don’t want to pay for abortions. Some don’t want to pay for bloated government overspending on lavish public parks and civic facilities. Some just want to keep their own hard-earned cash to spend on other things.

While all of this makes sense, taxpayers still have free choice. They can choose to pay and remain safe, or keep their own money and be audited, potentially arrested and then even killed if they resist the arrest for not paying. The choice isn’t an easy one, but the fact remains: they did have a choice.

Consenting to Sexual Assault

Then there’s sex. Such a wonderful thing as sex should not be kept from anyone. It’s basically a human right. As such, if you wish to molest, sexually assault or rape someone, it’s not that big of a deal. They always have the choice to fight back and try to stop you.

Consenting to Vaccination

When it comes to medicine and bodily penetration by a needle, it’s the exact same as sex. Sure, maybe the government won’t allow you to take a critical business trip to another region, or escape an exploding volcanic island without the covid-19 vaccination. 

Sure, they might demand you surrender your body to an as-of-yet unapproved mRNA treatment in order to move across arbitrary borders and through various legal jurisdictions. But hey, snowflake. Stop whining. You always have a choice. By choosing to not get the vax, you are effectively freely consenting to your business failing, not seeing your friends and loved ones, and potentially starving to death and dying.


None of the above garbage scenarios are examples of consent, of course. True consent doesn’t involve violence and coercion. Now let’s head back to reality, talk about real consent, and shine a light on the solution to the current collectivist plague.

In the same way Pizza Hut cannot force you to pay them for pizza if you don’t want it, your neighbors cannot force you to pay for a park they want to build. Your best friend cannot force you to fill out paperwork and give him a percentage of your income. Your partner cannot force you into having intercourse. Private security companies can’t violently make you choose their service over others. In the same way all of these are clearly immoral and wrong, so is forcing people to take a vaccine against their will, pay taxes, or go through a financial institution to use their money.

Imagine Pizza Hut threatening people at gunpoint if they decided to go across the street and have a Domino’s pizza instead. That is how insane forcing people to pay for government services (regardless of quality or accountability) is.

The central problem here is the violent, forced association and disassociation the state requires. Say Charlie pays taxes for a library and Joe also pays taxes for that same library. Charlie votes that the library should require all patrons be vaccinated before entering. Joe votes the opposite way. This conflict can never be resolved peacefully, as both are extorted to pay for the place and want to get their money’s worth by leveraging politics to club the other over the head.

They think the only way to solve problems is via the violence of the state. How foolish! 

The key to truly live and let live then, is privatization. Privatization of money. Of medicine. Of property. Your bodily autonomy is no more a matter to be voted on than a woman’s body who doesn’t want to be assaulted. Your private business is no more a matter to be voted on than what goes on in your bedroom. The end.

The time has come to be consistent. Which is it then, statists: consent, or coercion? There is no gray area here. My body, my choice. If you do not wish to associate with me, I will respect that wish. But do not attempt to restrict my freedoms by claiming ownership over me.

Please see the video exploration of this topic below for more information. Thanks for reading!



Who Made Your Spine? – Life Is Such a Fucking Trip, Any Way You Slice It

It’s easy to fall into ruts of hubris. Cynicism. Fear. In fact, most people including myself probably live there most of the time. And that is truly a tragedy. I was just thinking the other day: for all my cocky attitudes and acquired knowledge about this and that. For all my hatred of others that I deem malicious (and this may even be justified to an extent), I am considering myself from an egoistic perspective. 

My spine is working. Electricity is flowing. My heart is beating. My limbs and body are moving without even a single concentrated thought. I feel. I intend. I do. Lightning fast. More than lightning fast. How in the hell does all this shit work? Where in God’s holy name does it come from. We are all so cocky, but our hearts could simply stop beating at any moment, really. But for the grace go I. And isn’t that the truth? 

But at the same time – what about those poor kids in the Middle East that have to watch their mothers and fathers get blown to bits by U.S. bombs. What about the fentanyl addict that has seen all his friends succumb to addiction and die, purple and blackened face, in an alley? All of life’s stupid dreams culminating in…this. They finally numbed the horrific pain of living on this fucked up planet. No. Of living in a fucked up society

Still. What intellectual, college-educated, doctorate holding loser can understand how the large intestine knows when to squeeze the waste out? What Nobel Prize winner can explain the foundations of consciousness, or how the flowers bloom each spring. Sure, dumb fuck, we know the technical side of it. The change of seasons and the sense of heat and sunshine – but what is the knowledge and force in the first place?

Electricity stimulates the heart into pumping the blood. But what sets all this into motion?

I remember being pretty well drunk and looking into a bathroom mirror. It was at a McDonald’s, late night, after a party. I stuck my tongue out in the mirror and saw it for the first time. What a motherfucking weird thing a tongue is. I saw it with almost completely fresh eyes, as though I had never seen one before. What an alien apparatus! How bizarre, indeed!?!? A weird muscle that I can move around, without even a thought really, and which jostles the food around in my mouth so I can eat it!

And I wanna flex like I’m something special. I fucking don’t know what’s going on here, either. All I know is it’s amazing. And all I know is we all need more love and understanding. The world is starving for that right now. 


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