Running Update: Magic Spring Playlist and the 4th Annual Sakura Cash Run

Well, first off, I wanted to share this playlist, because I went out into the sun today, sleep-deprived and exhausted, and it gave me the gas I needed to do three miles. Well, and the beautiful sun shining, too.

Spring is making its entrance a bit early this year with warmer than usual temperatures. The birds are back, chirping again, and just the other day I heard the those familiar cries of the herons nesting in the tops of the pine trees by my house. That long-lost, new green feeling of the tender spring came back into my heart. HELL YEAH.

Anyway, I challenge anyone to run to this list on a sunny day and not feel at least a little good:

With the warmer weather comes sakura season in late March and into April, and as such it is time for another Sakura Cash Run — the charity run I do each year to leverage Bitcoin Cash in supporting some good cause and to take in the cherry blossoms and thankfulness for the end of winter.

I’m still solidifying details for this year’s run, but have whipped up a new graphic for the event, inspired by one of my favorite games:

That’s all for now. Lemme know your favorite songs to run to, or a great playlist you’ve run to recently. They usually come without strained planning, don’t they? Today’s was an old playlist I haphazardly made for a camping trip. But it felt like it was made for today.


By Voluntary Japan

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