Collapsitarian Runner’s Blog, Vol. III: Com Truise, Cutting Booze, and a Foiled Ultramarathon

Three days in a row running now, which is good for me. Not a bad time either, today.

Since I canceled my Apple Music subscription the music I run to on iTunes has now been limited, but there’s been a kind of freedom in that. I’ve found over the last few runs that having less of a selection is less mentally taxing. Anyway, today I set out to a shuffle of the tunes I had already purchased/downloaded over the years, which meant that Air’s “Left Bank” was up first.

After that it was all Com Truise for the rest of the run. A perfect vibe for me today that I could not have planned even had I thought about it, and tried to.

This album. By the time “VHS Sex” kicked in, I was in the groove and moving. The whole album is a vibe, with nice punchy beats. When I hit mile one the time surprised me. Under 8 mins isn’t that fast, really, but I thought I was running pretty casually, and am not a speed demon anyway. I think not drinking the past few days and saving my ‘male energy’ resulted in this feeling of more underlying power, and not noticing the pace.

As for the ultra I had been training for, it looks like it may be a no go. Still no updates on the Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail for 2020, but I did see a Japanese dude on Twitter say that he was gonna run it anyway, official event or not. Something to think about.


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