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“How the F**k (are you so stupid?)” – a song for my statist friends

Supplementary links:

* The Philosophy of Liberty (introduction to voluntaryism):

* One way societies could function without violence-based, centralized governance:

* Why it does not matter either way. ‘Plan’ or not: STATISM IS NOT A LEGITIMATE, LOGICAL, OR MORAL OPTION. You do not own the bodies of others, and you cannot delegate that right to a group of other human individuals that call themselves ‘government”:


Statism’s great track record:

* US government spreads syphilis intentionally amongst poor blacks for 40 years, does not give them cure:

* US government imports Nazis after WWII to work in top government positions:

* 262,000,000 people killed by government in the 20th century, NOT COUNTING WAR:

* You cannot sue vaccine companies for vaccine injury:


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