[VIDEO] Self-Ownership in a Nutshell

The universe is free, open, and wild. It will not defend your rights for you. However, when rights in a society are built on objective reality (namely the objective reality of each individual’s self-ownership), and not political fantasies, maximum peace becomes possible. Moral arguments being ‘proven true’ is unnecessary.

Without a property norm, a society will fail. The best property norm is one that applies equally to all individuals. The only norms that can apply equally to all individuals must be based on concrete, objective reality — nature.

Anything else potentiates conflict and discord, as all humans, regardless of what they may say, seek to defend their perceived rights. If the ‘rights’ are insane, necessitate violence, or are arbitrary, the resulting society will be the same. If rights are founded upon concrete, objective realities like self-ownership, violence can be minimized.

A system that affords some individuals ‘greater rights’ than others thus increases the potential for abuses and violent conflict. If the goal is to minimize violent conflict, self-ownership (reality) must be recognized as the basis for property. If the goal is not to minimize violent conflict, the conversation is pointless.


By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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