Pirate Summer running Video

The Power of Getting Pissed for Your Own Happiness (and the spiritual path to principle)

Sometimes there’s nothing to do but just lose your shit and keep pushing.

Talking about chronic pain, insomnia, depression, suicidal ideations, nature, running, and voluntaryist principle as it relates to logic, nature, and truth. The power of just accepting things as they are, getting pissed at feeling miserable, and moving forward anyway, with a good solid, ‘fuck this’. Not by way of contrived ambition, or motivation, so-called, but by getting mad at the wall against your back through inspired anger, tired of being passive and a victim. No matter how big or small the problem may appear to be.

I stopped in the middle of the Tokida Shinbashi Bridge in Ueda City, Nagano, to share my own thoughts on a personal episode of frustration and pissed off deliverance.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video here.


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Living life.

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