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Pirate Summer Has Been a Success

I was going to make a video and post it here, but it’s too personal, and there’s no way to capture the fun adventure this summer has been. Now that summer vacation is over, and I am starting a new business with my family, it is time to look forward to the fall season, and the transition during the remainder of August and the beginning of September before then.

This summer — although the news and state would have us scared of an invisible, hyped up boogey man of a virus, and scared of each other — has been one of friends, music, fireworks, camping, drinking, beaching, talking, eating, thinking, dreaming, planning, running long distances, meeting new people, and going on new adventures. Things have been stressful as hell in some respects, but looking back over the videos and photos I took now, and thinking of all that’s been accomplished, I feel tears of happiness welling up a bit.

The whole point of pirate summer, and the ‘pirate’ lifestyle itself is to do what you want in non-violence, and keep on living to the fullest.

Even if the Orwellian nightmare continues to close in, and it’s time for the shit to hit the fan, as they say, we have done well. We didn’t sell out to the fear this summer, and I had such a good time with my family.  Thank you to all of you who are brave, and understand that life is meant to be lived, and not hidden from. Both in Japan and America, you’ve been a big inspiration and boost of courage to me.

They can try to cancel everything, but they won’t cancel my spirit, even in the face of death, God help me.

Love, Peace, and Anarchy.



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Watch the video HERE.

The goal of the fear campaign is simple: create and sow meaninglessness in the hearts and minds of the populace and indeed, a hatred for meaning itself.

This is why the state and media are gaslighting us. The sheep will obey, and even the sensible can be broken down and led to reactively snap, as they destroy our economies, communities, families, livelihoods, friendships, health, sense and spirits.

DON’T LET THEM! Fuck the ‘mujun ni yoru shihai’ (control by contradiction)!


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Pirate Summer running Video


How to find treasure in the time of the crown virus and mass hysteria/fear.

Topics: No mask, agorism, Japan, direct action, mass hysteria, data, PCR testing, false positives, coronavirus size, Fauci, Surgeon General, Los Angeles, fireworks, disobedience, running, open businesses, disobedience, cash jobs, eatBCH, charity, gardening, anarchy, self-defense, voluntaryism, Bill Gates, vaccines, social pressure, depression, suicide, economics, bitcoin cash, meetups, child abuse, cannabis, gray/black market, peace, property, self-ownership

DISCLAIMER: Peaceful agorism can and has been routinely met with severe violence, kidnapping, and even murder at the hands of state agents and officials. It’s up to individuals and individuals alone to choose how they wish to live and the amount of freedom to embody, or slavery they will tolerate. This video is an artistic expression meant to empower the viewer and provoke thought and voluntary, non-violent action.

Watch on BitChute:

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Take Me Somewhere Else (Day at the Fukushima Lagoon)

Sure it’s paid for with extorted yen. In a free market, though, I’d still contribute to this. Beautiful lagoon HQ.


There is no summer in Japan, without iced coffee.

IMG_2894 2

IMG_8100 2
‘Oh! I was scammed, too!’ (poster on the wall warning the elderly of phone credit card/money transfer scams. Ha ha ha
Heading out to the lagoon.
We didn’t realize that crawdad fishing was so popular here. Lots of kids and parents out. We didn’t bring our poles and bait (just sticks, string, and dried squid), but still managed to get one with our net!


Unwind time. Orion beer from Okinawa. After all the masks, and signs, and confused/unsure/scared people and hand sanitizer stations, it’s always good to get back home. We went into the lagoon observatory unmasked. Nobody stopped us, and two or three others were unmasked as well, in spite of the prominent requests on multiple signboards. We all have paid — willingly or otherwise — for that place. More and more lately, I’m realizing that people are mostly good and many more are skeptical of this hysteria, or unconsciously not *really* worried about it, than it may sometimes seem on the surface. Of course, masses of them are zombies, too, in that sense, I’m sure, but you get my drift. About how much fear can kill life by us assuming everyone is dead set against us. As oppressive as all that fear is, I’m still gonna live my life. When we see others doing that, it gives us strength to do the same, too. And to stand up to those that really would have everyone more afraid than alive. Keep the lights on.


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Pirate Summer running Video

#Running4Peace on the Sasagawa-NagaRun! Help Feed Folks in VZ and South Sudan w/ Bitcoin Cash!

After the mega popularity, massive participation and success of April’s Sakura Cash Run, which consisted of two runners drinking in the cherry blossom scenery, running 14 miles, and raising $110 for EatBCH, a grassroots charity that feeds people in need, the Voluntary Japan hooligans are at it again with another #run4peace, seeking to draw attention to the beauty of Japan, the speed and ease of crypto, and the needs it can help meet in the world.

All joking about the scale of these events aside, myself and a friend or two are going to be running again, this time a little over 26 miles (~43km) down the Sea of Japan coast, along a beautiful stretch of rocky green shoreline called the Sasagawa-nagare. The event’s name, making a bit of a pun on this, will be the Sasagawa-NagaRun. It’s gonna be a hot one, and long, but it will also be great to complete the journey, bring some extra attention to EatBCH, and take in the stunning beauty and lush scenery of Japan once more, now in summertime.

If you wish to help us support EatBCH, you can always donate directly to them! (this is why crypto is awesome) or you can go through our event, as we have a special wallet designated for pooling funds for them (this is helpful for folks who wish to support via PayPal and don’t know how to convert fiat to BCH). Either way is fine We just need something to do to keep our minds off of the lunacy currently going around, and on something positive! Please see the video for complete info.

If you want to donate via BCH you can do so here, directly to eatBCH, or via our Sasagawa-Nagarun BCH wallet where we’ll be pooling pledges:


For Paypal donation info, please email All BCH and PayPal donations will be sent the day of, or the day after the run is completed, with blockchain confirmation of the transaction and list of amounts shared here on to keep everything transparent! If you have any questions please direct them to the email above or the comments section of this post!




Pirate Summer running Video

The Power of Getting Pissed for Your Own Happiness (and the spiritual path to principle)

Sometimes there’s nothing to do but just lose your shit and keep pushing.

Talking about chronic pain, insomnia, depression, suicidal ideations, nature, running, and voluntaryist principle as it relates to logic, nature, and truth. The power of just accepting things as they are, getting pissed at feeling miserable, and moving forward anyway, with a good solid, ‘fuck this’. Not by way of contrived ambition, or motivation, so-called, but by getting mad at the wall against your back through inspired anger, tired of being passive and a victim. No matter how big or small the problem may appear to be.

I stopped in the middle of the Tokida Shinbashi Bridge in Ueda City, Nagano, to share my own thoughts on a personal episode of frustration and pissed off deliverance.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video here.


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Tokyo Zombies in a Pirate Summer – Depression, Anarchy, and the Great Outdoors

A City on Zombie Alert

Visited Tokyo last week for the first time in three months for some business, and to attend the weekly Bitcoin Cash meetup there.

Rolling in on the shinkansen, I could see things had changed since March. Nearly everyone was now masked. I mean almost 100 percent of the denizens of that great city. The city was under a new ‘Tokyo Alert’ (an official phrase used for the first time in history) whose exact meaning and implications people in Tokyo didn’t know anything about. What they did know was that Rainbow Bridge and the government building in Shinjuku were lit up in red. That’s scary, so something must not be going well!

The official justification for the lighting theatrics was a slight rise in Covid-19 new cases. While I was there the towers were red one night and blue the next, as the cases had ostensibly fallen. The psychological effect this had was noticeable even for me. And I don’t believe all their bullshit. Emotions are powerful. My friend who’s into coding put it best:

Set_mood = fear

It was amazing to see the decay of the social and economic situation in that massive, sprawling metropolis. At the very center of the city, one of the most popular meeting places in summertime — an outdoor sunken terrace surrounded by restaurants — was basically dead. I shared the Yebisu restaurant with one other customer at 7:30 pm on a Thursday night. There’s no way this situation is even close to sustainable.

Yet, everyone is wearing their masks, being good little citizens. Not really complaining or making a fuss. Compulsively sanitizing hands entering and leaving stores while simultaneously fiddling with their faces to adjust their masks, smoking, talking loudly and spitting on each other at restaurants, etc.

The summer heat in Tokyo is like no other. Stifling, humid, stultifyingly hot as the sun is sucked into all that pavement, radiated full force back into people’s faces in the sauna-like, windless concrete jungle, ad absorbed into every miserable, sweaty body. Still, masks. Even fuckers exercising. Jesus. I tried to explain to some students of mine that they likely don’t even help, and that their ‘experts’ have said as much, but it was no use. One lady just looked at me like I was some kind of freak and said: ‘But why didn’t you wear a mask?’


Witnessing this economic and human socio-spiritual decay has really taken a toll on me through this lunacy, and in waves. I came back from Tokyo addicted to Minecraft (tried it for the first time before leaving, with my son) and with about zero desire to try to accomplish anything anymore, because what is the point? If the world is this retarded, why should I try?

This kind of thinking and funk hits me sometimes. Just gotta go with it a bit, not fully buying into it, but also rolling with it and fully accepting it. It sucks being viewed almost as some sort of pariah for not going along with the fear campaign, but one still must live for themselves. Woke up this morning after four days of this funk and self-loathing and decided to get back into life. If they wanna be dumbasses, fine. I have anarchy. I got running. I got the beach and sea and rivers and my family is awesome. Decided to focus on that, and the few friends I have here who aren’t duped, and get back at it.

Chilling in a local river.

The BCH meetup was encouraging as well, because those folks aren’t zombified, either, for the most part.

Upcoming Run/Interview With Pete Quinones, and His New Documentary

In the interest of looking forward, then, I’ve been planning a full marathon (actually a bit longer, so technically an ‘ultra’) with a friend, down a beautiful stretch of coastline by Murakami City called the ‘Sasagawa-nagare.’ It’s gonna be hot, and will require some training, so that will be good to keep me focused. If they want to cancel everything we have been preparing for and training for and enthusiastically anticipating, fuck ’em. We’ll do it ourselves. We’re gonna make this one a charity event as well, like our previous Sakura Cash Run back in April. I’ll post some donation info soon for those who may want to support.


In other news, I was recently on the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast with Pete Quinones, a strong voice of reason and principled anarchy in libertarian circles. I couldn’t listen to it myself, because I was too nervous, and rambling, but if you’d like to check it out, you can do so here. I think maybe I get warmed up toward the end. Further, Pete’s documentary, The Monopoly on Violence has just been released, and I highly recommend giving it a watch. It clearly demonstrates the anarchy is not only the moral alternative to statism, but that it is also the historically favored, logical, and practical one.

For now, until they try to start jabbing everyone with that vaccine they’ve said is coming in 2021, it’s enjoying nature and my tribe, and making money however. I’ve also been enjoying the various stimulus measures that have been taken here, getting as much of my stolen loot back as a can, and trying to use it for enjoyment and sound investments before their filthy fiat goes to zero or is replaced by digi-dollars and yen, as it were.

Thanks for stopping by, as always.


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Pirate Summer Continues, Happy June.

Watching the videos of the riots from the states. Noticing in surprised fashion there is suddenly also anti-racism demonstration and protest in the streets of Tokyo. It seems orchestrated at some foundational level. A Kurdish dude was roughed up in the streets by two pigs telling him to shut up, and choking him a bit. The news media latched on to it, and a little over a week later there’s a 200 person march in Shibuya, with police escorts. Signs like “Fuck the police” and “No Justice, No Peace” could be found.

That may not seem like anything on the surface, but cops have been harassing this and that foreigner here for a long time. Now, the media suddenly latches on, pumps it and there’s copycat outrage even in docile and timid Tokyo? Another thing: immediately the covid-19 story doesn’t seem to matter so much to the MSM narrative. Same shit that is happening in the states, if on a yet much smaller scale.

We should start a school on how to run distance with a hangover.


Here, the pirate summer (of agorism, doing what you want, and staying happy) rages on. Ran 16 miles across the Echigo rice plain with a friend yesterday. Sore enough today. A beautiful run with the sun blazing. Hit the hot spring afterward which was great, as usual, but upon entering the relaxation space to sprawl out on the tatami flooring and have an ice cold beer, I’m confronted with western style tables for four, with a plexiglass divider in the middle.

That corona hysteria bullshit, destroying culture. Instead of dining and conversing like it was a prison visit, we left, and opted for a ramen shop with none of that goddamned idiocy.

Decent, non-neurotically-distanced, food.



We’ve busted out the pool here at the anarchy shack as well. And are working as usual on enjoying life and preparing for whatever madness this psyop within a psyop within a psyop may bring our way.

Blessings to all who are fighting for peace, and staying sane in this madness. As far as the state’s next move, it looks like several groups are going to be lumped in with the now-officially-to-be-labeled-terrorist Antifa. Voluntaryists are gonna be tracked, monitored, harassed and considered in similar fashion.

It’s time to decide what’s worth fighting for, and the best way to survive, thrive, defend freedom, and leave a better future for our children, or at least leave an example of what it is to be human — to have a spine, heart, spirit and mind — and to use them.

A life as a controlled slave ain’t worth living, anyway.

Thanks for stopping by.


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