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Take Me Somewhere Else (Day at the Fukushima Lagoon)

Sure it’s paid for with extorted yen. In a free market, though, I’d still contribute to this. Beautiful lagoon HQ.


There is no summer in Japan, without iced coffee.

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‘Oh! I was scammed, too!’ (poster on the wall warning the elderly of phone credit card/money transfer scams. Ha ha ha
Heading out to the lagoon.
We didn’t realize that crawdad fishing was so popular here. Lots of kids and parents out. We didn’t bring our poles and bait (just sticks, string, and dried squid), but still managed to get one with our net!


Unwind time. Orion beer from Okinawa. After all the masks, and signs, and confused/unsure/scared people and hand sanitizer stations, it’s always good to get back home. We went into the lagoon observatory unmasked. Nobody stopped us, and two or three others were unmasked as well, in spite of the prominent requests on multiple signboards. We all have paid — willingly or otherwise — for that place. More and more lately, I’m realizing that people are mostly good and many more are skeptical of this hysteria, or unconsciously not *really* worried about it, than it may sometimes seem on the surface. Of course, masses of them are zombies, too, in that sense, I’m sure, but you get my drift. About how much fear can kill life by us assuming everyone is dead set against us. As oppressive as all that fear is, I’m still gonna live my life. When we see others doing that, it gives us strength to do the same, too. And to stand up to those that really would have everyone more afraid than alive. Keep the lights on.


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