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New Gear, Ambient Suggestions, and Kawazu-zakura in Bloom

Bought a whole set of new running gear for spring and summer. I was hesitant at first, but it had to be done. New Balance Fresh Foam x 1080 v12 shoes (bought earlier this month), NB shorts, super-lightweight yellow NB running shirt, a Nike hydration belt/phone holder, pink Puma running hat, and some cheesy -looking but very comfortable running shades (bought today). Good gear and clothes make a world of difference.

Ran out to Niigata Prefecture’s botanical gardens and was surprised to see some cherry blossoms in bloom. I guess this type blooms earlier than the rest. Called Kawazu-zakura.

Ran to the Apple Music “Ambient Essentials” playlist I’ve been running to for literal years now and which is updated regularly, and just hit shuffle. Some gems came through the headphones, perfect for today’s run. A couple I wanted to share:

Really good. Though I do want to find a viable musical escape from Apple. Should probably just download a bunch of songs anarchy style and save as mp3s.

Hit me with any suggestions — either about good ambient music or Apple alternatives that are more freedom/open-source-oriented but also have a great UX. Also running apps!


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