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Latest Tunes and Upcoming Runs — Ryōkan Run, Sasagawa Naga-Run

Actually made myself sit down with a video and do a 30-minute stretch routine. Recent nagging issues are still bugging me, but it is once again time to run out to Zen poet Ryōkan’s historic hermitage on Mt. Kugami in Niigata, so I’ve got to be ready!

If you’re interested, here’s the vid from last year. My god was it a beautiful day.

Recent music I’ve been jamming to while running: My Bloody Valentine, The Creation, Ela Minus, AC/DC, and Mansun.

Running through Tokyo to Ela Minus’ album Acts of Rebellion was a treat!

What are you guys listening to?

After the Ryōkan run I am once again hoping to do the ultra-distance “Sasagawa Naga-Run” race me and a friend did back in 2020 to have fun and say “fuck you” to the CoRoNa panic. Wonderful stretch of coastline, extremely hot and kind of the worst time to do such a run, and that is why it is the best. Check out the vid here!

-G Voluntary

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

2 replies on “Latest Tunes and Upcoming Runs — Ryōkan Run, Sasagawa Naga-Run”

Glad you’re liking Mansun! Their second album Six is really cool too. “I’m emotionally raped by Jesus….” is a memorable lyric from “Cancer”, as is “I know you’re purely Marxist, you’re philosophy’s so cool, with your tranquilizers, Valium and gin. You talk of euthanasia, your breakdown was so cool, did Stanley Kubric fake it with the Moon?” from “Fallout”. Absolute class!

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They’re an interesting band lyrically, man. I love those two lyrics and also those to “The Chad Who Loved Me.” And the sound is of course cool, too! Good to kind of space out to in a melancholy-type mood. Was nice to run to as well as it was an overcast, “moody” kind of day. Glad you turned me on to them!


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