No Need to ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’ the Vaccine Debate – The Only Real Issue is CONSENT

The most important issue in the vaccine debate is not safety, but consent.

Maybe you think the Sars-Cov-19 jab was created on Mars by satanic Bill Gates clones with microchipped monkey appendages. Maybe you think masks miraculously cured influenza and heart attack victims should be counted as covid deaths. Maybe Dr. Fauci is your hero. Maybe you think he’s full of shit. Luckily, when it comes to consent, none of this bullshit debating matters.

It’s My Body. Full Stop.

Your body is yours. My body is mine. 

You want to take the new vaccine. I do not. 

I want to open my business. You want me to stay home. 

So what do we do? 

We enter a fierce and largely pointless debate about the safety and efficacy (or lack thereof) of a supposed new medical treatment. If no persuasion is achieved, we resort to leveraging the violence of the state by voting to force one another into unwilling compliance, even though we have never previously harmed each other, and don’t know each other personally.  

Yay! Three cheers for civilized society.

But these anti-vaxxers are endangering others!


We can’t! We have to share public spaces! 


These covidiots want to destroy our livelihoods!


We can’t! They are making laws to force their opinions on us violently!


Live and Let Live, Or A Club on the Head?

Civilized individuals try to live and let live peacefully, as much as possible. The truth is, violence is expensive – financially, socially, emotionally. The majority of humans seek to avoid it at all costs. 

What humans are not generally averse to, however, is outsourcing their violence to a euphemism called the state, or “government.” Whichever party controls the government (read:legal monopoly on violence), therefore controls the laws.

But there is one huge problem with government. These laws were created arbitrarily, not based on logic or concrete reality. Legally recognized rights are not universal to all individuals. Some individuals enjoy far greater rights than others, by virtue of government’s magical and arbitrary assignment thereof. 

For example, murderous, crooked cops often enjoy extreme immunity from the legal pressure and scrutiny that would otherwise be applied to “common criminals.” Giant pharmaceutical companies which lobby the state have legislation tailor made for them by the state, to mitigate their damages and decrease accountability. This would not be done for the “average individual.”

Body Ownership Is Non-Negotiable

The answer to the state’s arbitrary violence, and the answer to the vaccine debate is simple: my body, my choice.

If I do not consent to having a needle driven into my arm, you had damn well better stay away from me. Once you attempt to do this, I am in my natural law rights to do anything I need to do to stop you. 

If you do not consent to me being on your property unvaxxed, or without a mask, I had better damn well heed your request to leave. Why? That property was acquired by you legitimately via your body, which you own. For me to trespass against your property is to effectively claim ownership over your body. You would be within your natural law rights to use physical force to remove me. 

See how easy that is?

So what’s the problem? The problem is the anti-concept called “public property.”

Public property is a myth propagated by centralized, non-consensual governments. All public property can do is engender conflict and potentiate violence. Imagine we both pay taxes for the same library. I want there to be a no mask policy. You want the opposite. There is no option afforded where we can have competing libraries with different policies, because the state sets blanket policies and law for all libraries in our geopolitical region. Where did the state get this awesome power? They simply appointed it to themselves. Not based on reality. Not based on body ownership. They simply “said so” in godlike fashion.

This is different than joint use of private property where all respective owners fully and freely consent to the joint usage, and where all property concerned was legitimately acquired via their bodies. 

All this said, if you attempt to force a needle on someone, you are pro-violence. 

If you attempt to force someone to take off their mask, it is the same. 



By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

2 replies on “No Need to ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’ the Vaccine Debate – The Only Real Issue is CONSENT”

Great post. It’s weird in Japan though. To me it seems people are more aware of adverse effects compared to the western world in general. One person I know even hospitalized herself just for getting the jab.

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Great information on this site and the ‘Japanese / English Intro to Voluntaryism’
video is exactly what I’ve been looking for so thanks for that.

An by the way, I’m in Japan as well an would be good meeting a few more like minded individuals
so hit me up at ( if you’d like to connect and I’ll be attending in Niigata for a couple days next month as well


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