What Is Voluntaryism?

  • You own your body. Your body is yours. 
  • This is nature’s design. Nobody can operate your body more directly than you: think your thoughts, speak your words, blink your eyes, move your muscles. 
  • No other individual has a higher claim to your body than you. Not police, not politicians, not presidents, kings, rulers, friends or family. 
  • It is always wrong to use violence to force a non-violent person to do something they do not freely consent to.
  • If someone tries to force you in this way, it is 100% okay to defend your body, which is your property.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary arguments, all conceptions of property must extend from the body, e.g. “I own my body, so I also own the property I make or acquire with it in non-violence.” Nobody can own something just by making an empty claim as governments do.
  • The above list is the way of Voluntaryism, and of Natural Law. 

What is Statism?

  • Statism is the common belief that it is okay for governments to own the bodies of other people. This is wrong. Governments are just groups of people, themselves.
  • Even if someone is non-violent, individuals in government use violence to force them to do things: pay taxes, go to war, ask permission to travel, etc. 
  • Instead of a sensible rule of property based on concrete reality (self-ownership), governments make ridiculous claims, e.g. “We own all this land!” “Marijuana is illegal and we will put you in a cage if you have it!” “You must pay taxes or we will take your house!” Individuals in government claim to own your body, just by mere say so.
  • Statism always creates problems because there is no universal rule of property. Police, politicians, and government officials live by a privileged set of rules, and the “commoners,” another. This is not in line with reality, and creates chaos. 
  • There is a way to have order in societies without government. With groups of private property owners building their communities on policies extending from self-ownership, and not a violent myth. There is a way to have humanity’s great technology, useful institutions, arbiters for justice, and private protection agencies, all based on self-ownership, and not the religion of “statism” or government. This way is called “Voluntaryism.”

By Voluntary Japan

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