My Body Is Mine. No Caveats. Whether You Agree or Not Is 100% Irrelevant.

My body is mine. 

I own myself. 

I own the property I non-violently acquire thereby.

Whether or not you agree with this is irrelevant. 

You say I have to pay taxes to support war. To build roads. To pay for healthcare. 

You say it is also “voluntary.”

It is not voluntary.

If I refuse to pay for American soldiers to rape 15-year old girls in Iraq and massacre non-violent people in foreign lands, I will be jailed, ultimately, or put in a situation where I must kill or be killed. 

It is equally as wrong to force me to pay for “good things.”

If your neighbor demands you pay money to a charity at gunpoint, it’s a crime.

If the state does it, it’s “just how it is.”

Do you see the disconnect? Do you care that your views are wildly inconsistent?

Even if the entire world population other than myself votes that I must be stolen from or put in a cage, or that I must pay for some great “service” I do not even wish to use, they would be in the wrong, and I in the right, should they try to force me. 

To agree with this practice of democracy is to implicitly state that you would be okay if the tables were turned. 

This is, of course, a lie. And if I were to punch you in the face because everyone else said I could, you would see it as an injustice. 

Why then, do you give government a pass?

You have no good answer. 

At least be honest. 

You give the state a pass because they threaten you with violence. 

This is not “civilized.” This is violent chaos. 

A state owning your body and the fruits of the labor of that body is not civilized. 

Each individual owns themselves. 

Each individual has the exact same rights.

Anything else is objectively provable to elicit violence and chaos. 

Anything else is illogical, irrational, and inconsistent. 

Anything else admits that some humans — and classes of humans — are intrinsically better than others, apropos of nothing more than their arbitrary say-so. 

Presidents are guarded by high-powered weaponry. But I am not allowed to be.


Because you worship them as literal gods. 

You are a cultist.

Please break free. 

Should you try to force me into your cult, or threaten me, I am 100% in my rights to defend myself with whatever force necessary. This is not violence. This is self-defense. 

If you think my body is not mine, then you have effectively forfeited your own self-ownership, and now I may do whatever I want to you, since nobody’s body is their own.

Look up: “Voluntaryism.”

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

2 replies on “My Body Is Mine. No Caveats. Whether You Agree or Not Is 100% Irrelevant.”

So true!
Every statement that you articulated is absolutely the truth!
It’s understandable that the wealthy elites and the politicians that serve them will not agree with you but it’s deeply saddening that there are so many among us common people that also will not agree!

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