Violent Governments Are Powerless Without Our Participation

John Lennon famously said: War is over, if you want it. People too thick to understand laughed and called him a utopian and a “dreamer,” which he readily acknowledged in song. A guy with pie-in-the-sky ideals, not fully in touch with reality. But actually, he was 100% correct.

Whatever you may think of Lennon as a person, it still stands: War is over, if we want it to be.

We’re not talking about wishing here, but direct action. And not even action in the positive sense, but simple non-participation. If you do not want war, refuse to fight in a war. Refuse to kill a total stranger overseas you personally have nothing against, and who, like you, thinks he is fighting for a just cause, being duped, like you, by politicians who will never put their own lives on the line.

Refuse to kill children.

Someone may say: “I cannot solve world hunger alone!”

Another: “There’s no way I can stop war by myself, are you insane!?”

Yet another: “The government, as evil as it is, is a reality. There’s nothing I can do to abolish it.”

But stop right there. Zoom in. If most individuals gave their neighbors a little food when they hit hard times, world hunger would be nearly eradicated instantaneously. If you don’t want to do that, how could you expect a government to? 

Imagine if the massive charities of the world actually addressed the root causes of poverty in tandem with these individual actions, instead of showing off for mainstream media and collecting awards at meaningless ceremonies made for celebrities to feel good about their “giving.”

Imagine if they spoke about the elephant in the room: The violent state monopolies creating the problem in the first place, by not allowing local economies and hard-working, innovative human beings to freely prosper.

Zoom in on the corrupt police of today. Enough individuals deciding not to join would end it all — instantly. What is a corrupt politician without his or her squad of rabid attack dogs at the ready? Nothing but a sniveling worm in a suit and tie, cowering powerless before a united-in-self-ownership, critical mass of independent thinkers and lovers of peace. 

Is it unrealistic to expect such a critical mass to form, once their minds have been jailbroken from the cult of the state? (Which is, by the way, why freeing people’s minds is the first order of business.) Maybe it is “unrealistic.” But even so, it is only impossible if no one does it. And it is nevertheless the just and moral course. 

It is, indeed, the only logical way. If you hate the status quo, as much as you possibly can and however you can, stop participating. Stop paying taxes to whatever degree possible. Stop voting. Stop lending the murder machine your support. Without you, and without me, this monster cannot exist. 

If you would like to learn more about how order can be (and already is) achieved without a violent centralized government or state, please click here.

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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