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Winter Update — LIVE! Show Tomorrow w/TruthHertzRadio, New Article, Bit of Icy Running

Got a bit colder. Pipes in anarchy shack froze for a sec. Blanketed in snow now. In less than a day, if all goes well, I’ll be talking to Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz Radio and Christendumb about religion, the Bible, statism, the Covid-19 psyop, and brainwash in general. He’s a controversial figure that angers many, and challenges many, and provides relief and catharsis for those who’ve been put through the wringer by religion. Most of all I would say he is a freethinker.

You don’t wanna miss it! And neither do I, so I have to make sure I get this livestreaming-a-video-call thing figured out.

Here’s the link:

Hop in the live chat and submit your questions for Charles, or simply comment them here on this post! I’ll be checking both! If you cannot make the livestream @ 2:30am Japan Standard Time, 1/28 (12:30pm EST for USA on 1/27) no worries. Just check my Odysee channel for the replay.

In other news, here is my latest op-ed on Joe Biden and taxes and ice cream at

Peace, love, ice, and anarchy!

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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