I Won’t Forget

I truly hope the stories I’m reading are true — that “masking” for CoViD NiNeTEEn may soon be a thing of the past here in Japan.

While the economic collapse is on its way, and this may simply be the result of said engineered collapse being engaged to the point that the dimwits comprising the state here can finally relax on the compulsive muzzle narrative — I’ll take it. Seeing some faces out and about after more than three years of this spineless, shameful social retardation and pastime of simple, cowardly fools will be a welcome change.

I’ve been very fucking sad and lonely. And your kids have had it much worse, you hand-sanitizing automaton dipshits.

But I won’t forget who went along with this, and who subjected their children and others to it. Will never, ever — absent an apology, changed behavior, and bearing of your heart — fully respect you again.

Hope it is true. Take the goddamn thing off already, you fuckers. Stop ruining the future.

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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