Next Voluntary Japan LIVE! Guest + Winter Update

Well, January is always a tough month, isn’t it? All the same, I’m not giving up on seeing some goals through.

Got out for a 5-miler today, and ran out to the waterfall nearby that myself and some pals will be dipping into in February, to scope the scene. A couple small trees down in the path, but we should be good to go. Hopefully get some snow for the big day, too. You can check out 2020’s icy beating from the falls here (I can’t post the vids of the others now for privacy reasons, so here’s my chunky gaijin ass going for it):

For those who haven’t tried, or who deal with depression regularly (as I do) or physical ailments, I do recommend looking into cold showers as something to take up. “A cold shower a day keeps the doctor away,” as “Iceman” Wim Hof says. I don’t do them daily, but they have helped my mood immensely and also my body and sleep. After that icy bitch that brings you right into painful cold reality, there’s a euphoria and the stresses of the day get turned down. Not medical advice, of course. Make sure your heart is okay first. But yeah. It’s good stuff.

In other outdoor news, my son and I put together a bamboo-crafted temporary shelter last week, inspired by this cool survival channel on Odysee.

Finally, I’m happy to announce that Charles Giuliani of Christendumb and TruthHertzRadio will be coming on Voluntary Japan LIVE! for the next episode! We’re still hammering out the time details so please note this special guest show may occur at a time other than the announced every other Friday at 7pm JST.

Regardless, Charles’ work has impacted me deeply over the past few months and I’m pumped to talk to him and present his “controversial” (according to the mainstream perception) views on Christianity and government to Voluntary Japan’s followers. Somewhat similar to myself, he comes from a religious background and has been burned bad by the hypocrisy, manipulation, and outright hate that so often lies at the core of dogmatic organizations.

Hoping everyone out there is doing okay. Shit ain’t very pretty right now (especially here in muzzle world) going into year four of this fucking moron covi-climate-change-CBDC psyop, but every day we fight back and live our lives how we want to is a win. And let’s not stop.


By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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i know that waterfall … and i couldnt do it if my life depended on it, my sons life … well, i would be the first one in. looking forward to the cast with Charles G.

keep going man

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