Goosebump-Inducing Greatness

Watching AC/DC videos. Hearing the soul in Bon Scott’s voice. The punk rock energy. Angus stomping around shredding those scratchy, chunky, searing guitar solos. The driving bass and drums. Fucking goddamn cool.

Watching Michael Jordan highlight reels. Even non sports fans know they are seeing something special. A kind of underdog-come-up, goosebump-inducing freedom and greatness from a young master. Full of life and rebellion and heat.

Hearing Eddie Van Halen play the guitar. The pure, high-octane shred in the intro to “Hot for Teacher,” where Alex’s kick drums sound like a goddamn motorcycle engine at first. Hearing and seeing Eddie play, everyone knows they are seeing something special. A god in a human form.

Watching Johnny Carson handle a tough guest, or riff seamlessly and laugh out loud with a good one. All the thought and thinking on his feet behind each interview that most don’t even consider. It looks effortless, because of the massive talent and effort and understanding. Whatever he was in his personal life, a genius was there on stage. A true fucking master of a host, and making the audience feel like they are all part of the experience — because they were — by bringing them in with his humanity.

There is such a kindness and love there.

The confidence is “otherworldly.” You know when someone is there — embodied by it. And I’d say it is about impossible not to feel it when it is real.

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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