Weapons of Mass Retardation (The ‘Chosen’ People Delusion that Supported the Iraq Massacre)

Why are we not allowed to talk about this stuff? The Zionist/American Exceptionalist reasons for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, that is. It was never (obviously) about 9/11 or “weapons of mass destruction.” But of course, the morons populating the planet believed that shit. Observing the Judaistic (that includes Christianity as a sect of the same) and nationalist forces behind that military massacre has nothing to do with “race” (there is only one human race), but everything to do with geo-political beliefs about some mystical inherent bullshit supremacism.

Haaretz in April 2003 — Here’s a Jewish publication saying the Iraq war was largely a Jewish idea, alluding to the idea it was done to help secure the state of Israel. Combine that with the American exceptionalist bullshit about “spreading democracy” (which is a horrible idea anyway, as democracy is merely a euphemism for violent, mob rule), and a whole bunch of gov-worshipping Bible beaters gung-ho to “support the holy land” and bam. One mass murder for GAWD AND CUNTRY, coming right up.

So what started the war? Whose idea was it? It was about “weapons of mass destruction” and in response to 9/11, right? Started by George W. Bush to protect America and freedom and puppy dogs, right? Well, let’s first ask Haaretz:

It’s “a greater war, for the shaping of a new Middle East”? “Because what happened on September 11“???

So who were the hijackers? Definitely from Iraq, right? Nope. Not-a-fuckin’ one. Shouldn’t there have been a massive attack launched on Saudi Arabia? The land from which 15 of them hailed? Oh. Well. They’re pals with the American/Israeli supremacist cult folk, so that won’t work. Better aim at the lesser brown people if we need to make a war.

“We told them u guys did that 9/11 shit, and then blamed Iraqis lmao”

What did the late Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist Charles Krauthammer have to say about the reason for the war? Well, he gives brief lip service to the supposed weapons of mass destruction which were never found, but “beyond that” or “at a deeper level” as Kristol said above, it was demonic deals with Arabs:

An article from Salon published before the invasion (September 2002) also said interesting things:

Damn. All these voices are like a broken record: Israel’s security.

So… Scrapping peace negotiations. “Deeper levels.” Massive Jewish support — and the very concepts/ideas/propaganda for the war created largely by Jewish individuals and militantly pro-Israel U.S. nationalists.

Support garnered from huge swathes of the Jewish community and of course from millions of adherents to that sect of Judaism called Christianity. And in the end: Not a single Iraqi on the 9/11 flights as a hijacker, and no weapons of mass destruction.

The Salon article closes:

As peace activist and former Israeli Knesset member Marcia Freedman says, “[Ariel] Sharon has publicly encouraged the Bush administration to make war with Iraq. The Sharon government sees it as an opportunity to reshuffle the cards in the Middle East.” And many American Jewish organizations, she says, “have chosen to unquestioningly support the policies and positions of the Sharon government. If they were going to oppose the war, they would be opposing the stated position of the current government of Israel.”

Is it really a surprise that adherents to a thousands-of-years-old tribal murder cult religion still support the direct massacre of the outsiders all around them?

And no way, get right outta town — a spinoff sect from the same violent belief system — upon whose insane tenets America and so many western nations were built — unquestioningly supports war in the name of the same supposed god. What a shocker.

Of course, this type of evil is not limited to Judaism. But it remains arguably the most powerful “chosen people” cult out there. Second to the statist cult, perhaps. But it is also, as evidenced above, part and parcel of that. And that includes the Christian religion, too, which pushes the same perverse ideas in spite of what some modern Christians may say.

Some identifying as Jewish of course did stand against the war. I have massive respect for them for that. It is statism and any other violent religion in general that is the problem. Any belief system that says some people are “chosen” and/or special, or have “extra” rights that others don’t, is not for sane people. It’s for violent supremacists.

The police can do violent things you can’t, and not be punished, because they are “special.”

The president needs to have guns for protection, but you don’t, because he is “special,” and you are not.

It was okay for the Hebrews to slaughter babies and rape children in the Torah/Bible, because they were God’s “special” people.

It’s okay for the U.S. military to slaughter innocent families overseas, and for young, naive soldiers on both sides to die, or be mutilated, or have their minds and hearts destroyed, because the unholy and demonic forces must be stopped, to do the “will of god.”

Is it any wonder that people raised on vile beliefs like this would support massacre — Christians and Jews and Muslims and any brand of nationalist alike — in the name of a fairy tale? Almost all people in the world still support the biggest violent religious cult there is: statism. Where politicians are the “chosen” ones who get to own the rest of us.

To hell with all of it. It’s for morons.


By Voluntary Japan

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