Japan’s Gov Downgrades ‘Covid’ to Seasonal Flu Status, Automatons Still Covering Their Faces Like Pathetic Disgusting Soulless Fucks

Well, the psyop called “covid-19” is now no more serious than the flu — which as I have documented previously magically disappeared completely once “covid-19” was introduced to the world — according to the J-gov.

This took effect on May 8. Sadly, most mindless dipshits here still think like this pathetic dude, quoted in Japanese media after the downgrade:

There is some positive news, though. I have been seeing a few more people unmasked, and now especially don’t give a fuck at all if I annoy people when entering hotels, etc. I never did wear a mask even when the pressure was immense and I was asked to leave places, and now I can just laugh at the folks still doing it (actually I have to laugh so I don’t end up hating them even more. And I mean the ones doing it compulsively, for no reason. Not occasionally for pollen allergies, etc. I mean the ones driving in their cars masked. Walking outside masked. Masking their poor kids. Making people in their businesses feel weird. Those zombie assholes.)

Kids at elementary schools are still wearing masks outside, too. I still can’t forgive what the soulless dumbfucks have done to these little guys. But I know they are human somewhere down there, most of them. But effectively, they have practically become sub-human by denying that they are vertebrates with hearts, minds, and compassion. Like Toru up there in the news clipping, they’re sheepishly aiding in the deterioration and retardation of actual human society, by their spineless “going with the flow.”

But that’s enough negativity! Spring is here. The sun is out. The masked idiots look extra dumb now! Running. Spearfishing. BBQs. All that good stuff to come!


(Lastly — a perhaps unnecessary note about the “R” word. People have reprimanded me for using it in the past. It can be an ugly term. That’s kind of the point. Not that I owe anyone an explanation or apology, or that it helps, but I mean it in the same way “moron,” “imbecile,” and “idiot” are now commonly used (all of which themselves used to be clinical terms for the developmentally and mentally challenged, and are now used endlessly and mindlessly shouted by the very same folks scolding me for saying “retard,” ironically!)

I’ve never met or seen anyone with Down Syndrome or any other so-called disability that I would think of as being “retarded” in that pejorative sense. I’ve met many retards in masks, however. Folks who choose to be backwards and mentally disabled when they don’t have to be. And I know personally of some of these retards keeping a disabled child out of a kids’ play area during the scamdemic because the little guy had sensory issues and couldn’t wear the goddamn face rag! Pure cruelty. So yeah, for better or for worse I choose this word — it has some extra emotionally-charged, nasty invective bite that these wadded-panties-up-the-ass, scandalized PC fucks shriek about. Plus the meme is just … funny.

Maybe I’ll adjust that in the future. But not now.

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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