Streamlining and Getting Back to Nature

Hey everyone. 

This is the first official post here on the new Voluntary Japan blog.

In light of the tyrannical and economically devastating developments surrounding this covid-19 hysteria, I’m considering dropping some unnecessary — and now, unsustainable, since I lost my job at — baggage.

This could include cutting my phone plan and just using wifi, working mainly odd jobs for cash and staying below the extortion racket’s radar as much as possible. I want to use this as an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge bases which I’ve always felt every human should have, such as gardening, self-defense, natural medicine, survival skills, food production, hunting, and more. Fermentation is also a big interest of mine.

Of course I still love the digital world, and the mind-blowingly vast repository of information and knowledge known as the internet is an inestimably useful resource. Not to mention a means by which to connect, network with, and support fellow anarchists. We can make noise when one of our tribe is in trouble, send aid, send knowledge, and send comfort and support.

Bitcoin and crypto are also still passions of mine. Music and songwriting always will be.

That said, this journey toward a simpler, more minimalistic and practical life has to begin now. It is time to prepare for what is very likely coming soon: the widespread, unified and fierce, attempted violent intrusion of government and embedded “medical” institutions into our private lives. In these times, individual self-ownership is under attack, and family and community ties, as well as means for thriving in sustenance, self-defense, and survival, are more important than ever.

SO. Today, I got out into the garden and began planting more seriously. 

2020-04-19 15.45.12

Here’s what we have on and in the ground as of today:

Potatoes, daikon (large oriental radish), carrots, ginger, negi (welsh onions), snap peas/similar beans, sunflowers, cucumbers, corn, dandelions (easy af, thanks nature), clover, fuji apple tree (my son and I planted this two years ago and it will be a couple more years before it starts producing fruit, but it is doing great!), spearmint, and a blueberry bush. Also some Japanese plants I don’t remember the names of, but my wife knows, and they are edible. 

We’ve got some other flowers as well, but my main focus for the garden is food.
Got more seeds to plant tomorrow. What about you? How are you preparing and becoming more self-sustaining and independent?


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By Voluntary Japan

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