Freedom or Fear? The Economic Paradigm Shift and the Lines Being Drawn

I took a drive across the ridge today and into the neighboring valley to pick up some things from a friend. Stopped off at a local park to look at the weeping cheery trees for a second, and thought what it shame it was that some are missing out on this beauty, and will continue to miss out into the summer on all it has to offer, just because they’re scared.

I’ll be at the beach. Many Japanese will as well, I imagine, but the social pressure after the prime minister’s recent declaration of emergency has indeed kicked in, in a more palpable way. People are starting to scold each other on social media for going out, and the stores have large plastic mats in front of cashiers — and tape to mark out proper ‘social distancing.’ I’m glad that in the rural areas many people still don’t give a shit, and many are still going out, but all the same, one can feel the change. It’s coming over the country like a slow, dark cloud.

On the way home I got to thinking about some of the possible positives of this whole shaking up of the status quo we are experiencing right now.

For one thing, I realized that the old economic paradigm is probably never coming back. As much as folks may shout for the re-opening of the economy, and the end of lockdowns, it is clear that the powers that be are dead set and hell bent on pushing this deadly boogie man virus narrative as far as they need to, to do whatever it is that they are planning.

Though media reports and official studies have been showing numbers beginning to level off, and highlight flaws in the very statistics themselves in the form of irresponsible over counting, we’re now being told by the WHO that natural, wild exposure-based immunity might not even be possible, and that a ‘second wave’ is likely coming.

‘Second wave,’ ‘second wave,’ ‘second wave.’ If only people would read and research for themselves, instead of just mindlessly repeating the the latest media catchphrase like fucking robots.

Police are arresting mothers in parks, fining dads rollerblading in empty parking lots with their families, and breaking up church services in the U.S. The United Nations is now saying the world could see a famine of ‘Biblical proportions.’ News outlets are highlighting the potential starvation of hundreds of thousands of children in impoverished countries and blaming this goddamned virus. Villagers in India are struggling to walk countless miles back to their villages from city centers as all transportation has been cut off, and their businesses forcefully closed.

There’s not much to be hopeful about regarding the above. The only thing I really see as being advantageous about this whole thing is that more folks are losing faith in the state, and it might be a chance for some to say fuck you, get out, and do their own thing. The regulated markets and monetary systems the world has now, and had before the engineered pandemic hysteria, are and were bullshit. Money cannot be endlessly printed forever without consequence. The earth can’t be plundered and people treated as livestock perpetually. Physical realities dictate there is a snapping point. Corporatocracies are by their very nature doomed to implode.

For many, this whole thing will necessitate a return to basic free market practices, and community, for survival. Barter, labor trading, sharing of food, gardening, self-defense. For some, this may be the shot to return to a simpler — if more overtly and ubiquitously threatened — way of life. Still, the violence, heartache, misery, poverty, death and tragedy lurking just over the horizon makes trying to find a ‘bright spot’ seem almost sadistic.

What will likely be implemented by the state, to ‘save the day,’ will be much worse than the old paradigm for many who previously enjoyed first world luxuries. Forced vaccinations, centrally controlled digital money and the elimination of the more private, paper cash seem to be on the way. Martial law and a gruesome and cruel surveillance state will be the new ‘first world’ reality. Individuals in developing and impoverished countries have been living in their own hell for decades — being bombed, experimented on by big pharma, sanctioned, starved, radiated and enslaved. Now it comes to the rest of us.

So while the old system was always doomed to collapse under its own weight, the forced crashing of the economy aims to speed up the process, sweep the mess under the rug, as it were (while millions suffer and die), and implement a new and even less free system as the beneficent solution. In this context, shrewd non-compliant survival becomes key. If we can survive as the sociopath controllers destroy everything, including ultimately themselves, maybe we’ll have a ‘new earth’ to populate someday. To start over. Actually it is already here right now. Doing what you want, today, as best and as wisely — but also bravely — as possible, is how to live, in my view. 

I realized on my drive that though I definitely want businesses to re-open, and economies globally to be set free to move, I don’t want to live perpetually in the old, destructive, bloated, earth-and-human-ravaging, non-private-property-respecting, fiat pipe dream, corporatocracy bullshit of the past hundreds of years, either. This is in no way meant to suggest I don’t think what is being done is evil and wrong or that I think it is somehow ‘necessary.’ It most definitely is not. It means that now I want to see people disobey and head for a better version of life, realizing that the status quo we’ve been sold is complete and utter, violent, disgusting bullshit.

After businesses re-open, I hope they never take the state seriously again, and defend their individual rights to free market exchange by whatever means necessary and to the utmost.

My ‘silver lining’ is just a sober look at what’s undeniably happening, and the acceptance thereof to the end of dealing with it. The threat makes me realize I am alive, right now.  I will not comply with whatever 1984-type of dystopian violence (medical or otherwise) they’ve got planned for me and family. FUCK THAT.

Basically, it’s my time, for better or for worse, to make a go at a heightened agorism and survival, even in unfavorable conditions. The change is here — has been forced — and there are only two paths to take, as the old middle road of being able to comfortably just go along to get along with shitty tyrannical systems is now being destroyed.

Soon it’s gonna be one or the other. The line is made clear as day as our freedoms are progressively trampled upon. So what will you choose: a bold resistance and individual freedom, or fear and cowering?


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