Seaside, Seaweed, and Dandelion Tea / Kaizokunonatsu Begins

Still no regular, truly supportive work to speak of, and it looks like Japan’s ‘Prime Minister’ is going to announce an extended state of emergency on the 4th. We shall see. Stress remains high, and Bill Gates just penned this creepy letter about his pet RNA vaccine project to be foisted upon the world sometime soon.

Regardless, I’ve got to keep making concrete choices which will better my and my family’s position, health and overall well-being. We needed some sun today, so we went to the beach. This was also an opportunity to harvest wakame, a Japanese seaweed superfood.

photo_2020-05-02 17.13.59
Young wakame growing on a rock by the shore

I’m calling this the “kaizouku summer,” as I explained a couple posts ago, because given the current state of the world, we’re gonna have to find a new way to live that isn’t so dependent on traditional economic systems, which now are buckling quickly. In my mind, pirates just kind of do what they want, and the sea is also my kinda place. It’s a personal thing, and perhaps a bit silly, but that’s why.

I also made some dandelion mint tea from the yard today when we got back, which wasn’t half bad. I guess I’ll just let the photos do the talking from here. As always, thanks for stopping by.

photo_2020-05-02 17.18.45

photo_2020-05-02 17.18.51
Sea goddess of compassion at the Sunset Station on the Sea of Japan, Niigata
photo_2020-05-02 17.11.30
Guardian komainu of the Shinto Shrine above the beach
photo_2020-05-02 17.18.58
Drying our wakame seaweed

photo_2020-05-02 17.19.06

photo_2020-05-02 17.19.43
Entrance to the abandoned small resort/hotel at the beach
photo_2020-05-02 17.19.09
I could have cleaned the coffee off the French press better, but what you’re seeing is spearmint and dandelion petals from my yard, steeping in hot water.

photo_2020-05-02 17.19.16

photo_2020-05-02 17.19.21
Not half bad 🙂


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