Another Day. Running, Music, Joy and Frustration.

Abe announced the extension of the ‘state of emergency’ today. Now it lasts until May 30th, apparently. Not that it really matters. Shit’s been on track to be intentionally tanked since this whole thing started, if you ask me. The pirate summer cares not. The worried father in me cares plenty.

Fuck it. Gotta survive somehow.

Had a killer 3-mile run today with an amazing Aphex Twin album, one I should have been listening to since a long time ago, but have just recently given my heart to hearing. The fresh perfume of spring flowers and leaves in the air and the sun beating down on me, I felt really in the now, happy, and free.

2020-05-04 17.52.45

Return home. Read the news. Write a little for an agorist site I am freelancing for. No way to pay the bills, really, so even starting articles sometimes feels like a chore now. Well, always. English classes, too. Nibble of cheese here, nibble of cheese there. It doesn’t change the fact that an industrial-sized rat trap is approaching to mercilessly crush me. Abe’s stimulus money may be on the way. I’ll take it as a refund for all the shit they’ve extorted from me over the years.

One thing I wanted to share today, is my music. This is what I really hoped to do in life.

Here are some rough recordings of songs I’ll probably never get to record in a pro studio. It’s all good, though, I guess. Pirate summer marches on.


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