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[VIDEO] WTF Is ‘Collapsitarian Running’? – Thoughts on a New Nexus

Yes, it is a thing. Because I and the internet say so. Lemme know your favorite jams to run to, and also your thoughts on collapsitarian/anarchist running. How has running set you free, mentally, physically, or otherwise?


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By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

2 replies on “[VIDEO] WTF Is ‘Collapsitarian Running’? – Thoughts on a New Nexus”

[…] Well, fuck. Nothing to do but run. Thought I’d talk about music I’m listening to recently, the state of corona retardation here in Japan, and also an ultramarathon I am hoping to run (and have been training for). Not sure if it’s gonna be held this year, but fingers crossed. If you missed the first, video version of ‘Collapsitarian Runner’s Blog,’ you can view it here. […]


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