Nature Does its Thing, While the State Destroys Society

Out for a run today. Went to the local botanical gardens yesterday. Nature is doing her thing. Leaves are filling out with soft, fresh green leaves, and the sun is getting warmer and warmer. Even hot. Summer is almost here.

People are running around with masks on — literally, even runners are wearing them (sheezus!) — and the political bullshit is unrelenting. Have seen two separate incidents just in the last few days (videos on Twitter) of small children being ripped from their parents, who were being arrested for breaking ‘stay at home’ directives in peaceful protest.

Of course the dumbfuck pigs are not social distancing, or taking any similar safety precautions, further demonstrating this hysteria is sensationalized bullshit.

Doubts seem to be increasing rapidly in even mainstream news outlets, and medical professionals themselves, surrounding the conflicting and contradictory narratives being shoved down our throats by useful idiots and unqualified billionaires like Bill Gates. The WHO loves it.

One thing is certain: this thing continues to be played up, and police continue to crush peaceful individuals, regardless of the stats, or reality, or individual self-ownership. By the way, it looks like they’ll be at our doors sooner than later.

Some Positives

Being away from FB and forced to scan the smug, terse musings of Twatter is not without its benefits. Have been interested in finding like-minded Japanese accounts, and reading their thoughts on the covid-19 pandemonium has been great Japanese practice.

So there’s the positive thought for the day. Another is that there is still sunlight.
A third is that I’ve got an article coming out on Agorist Nexus soon on how to be a pirate. Not even joking, though. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading. And if you want an interesting doc to watch in the meantime about actual seafaring pirates, check out the vid below. Peace, love, and anarchy.


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