A Decade in Voluntary Japan: Reflection on the Zen Nature of Voluntaryism, Fond Memories, and Economic Turmoil

A brief talk about the mysterious nature of voluntaryism as an intuitive understanding, the culture of Japan, finding oneself, fond and difficult memories, and the current economic crisis in the context of ten years living in the land of the rising sun. My personal little celebration by the river, taking a break on a ten-mile run.





I have stored treasure

but not on this fool planet

it’s in other realms.

Since coming to Japan in May, 2010, I’ve become a voluntaryist, left a shame-based religion, gained some much needed self-confidence, written and played lots of music, married people as a fake priest, taught tons of English to people aged 6 months to 85 years old, met a great girl — thanks to whom I now have an amazing son! — and taken up long distance running. Being in this context has set me free in many, many ways. I ain’t saying it’s always a picnic. But I sure am happy as hell to be here.

Whatever all the new evil madness brings, I made it this far following my own heart and mind, and have no plans on compromising now. Thanks to all who are of the same mind. Let’s kick ass!


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By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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