Running Down the Clock

They’re just running down the clock.

It just takes time.

After so many layers of lies accumulate, people begin to forget original reference points.

Lies begin to reference less obvious lies. Things become increasingly ridiculous, but in a sea of years upon years of amalgamated confusion, it becomes too tiring for most to hold on to that original red thread of truth — if they even grasped it in the first place.

Control by confusion is an old tactic.

Soon, the so-called truthers will just be those shouting about the validity of some third-generation lie.

Remembrance is the cult’s number one enemy.

That’s why they’ve always burned books. Always “fact checked.” Always piled fallacy on top of obfuscated fallacy, so that even when you find some truth, it’s only half true.


They want to use this phrase to disguise the fact that your steel trap mind and spirit — remembering the evil that they are with all manner of proof to back up this conviction and knowledge — is their number one enemy.

Don’t forget.

They hate you.

They’ve always lied.

About everything.

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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