Most People Don’t Want to Shape Reality

Most people don’t want to shape reality.

They don’t want to be engaged with reality. They want to be a guest on the anesthetized amusement park ride. That way, no one can ever blame you for anything, and you don’t need to take responsibility for anything.

“The government” and “society” to them is a magic force that just takes care of everything. It’s their God.

These folks get annoyed when someone starts asking about the ride, and if there isn’t a way to get off and maybe go check out that beautiful lake and forest over there on the horizon. Or that little city they can see shining way off in the distance. Or actually take an adventure with some real, non-simulated risk.

To the zoned out, the way things are is a *big relief.* The amusement park may murder, rape, pillage and destroy actual life elsewhere, but as long as their little towns and cities are basically okay, and they can play games on their smartphones and text their friends, who cares about all that other stuff? The ride still works.

The distraction is wonderfully hollow.

Other people realized at some point, however, that a “government” is not an authority at all. It’s just more idiot people like everyone else. These awakened folks want to build the buildings and shape the philosophies of their own lives and towns and communities. They don’t want a simulation. They don’t want to gawk and ooh and aaah at some third-rate Chuck E. Cheese party for dumbfucks.

They want to be an integral part of *real* things. Not just spectators who take pictures of old perverts in suits with titles like “President” and fawn over celebrities. Not just sycophant posers fantasizing that they have *any say at all* in decisions made for them by those in power.

Not just buckled in for some overpriced, idiot ride with flashing lights and clanging bells and saccharine-faced cartoon morons smiling at them from TV screens. They know the gears of the ride are oiled by the blood of dissidents, poor people, and slaves.

We wanna actually live and build the world. Not just watch.

Voting is a spectator sport. One where the score doesn’t matter. Because points are not counted.

The ride is now falling apart everywhere. And though I’m sad. I also couldn’t be happier about it.

It’s gonna get worse, though, and dangerous.

So let’s get ready.

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

One reply on “Most People Don’t Want to Shape Reality”

What keeps me up at night is wondering what card they’ll play next to get away with the plandemic and all the murdered people because of it. Whatever card it is, it is going to be a doozy!


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