The Fairy Tale of Political Change

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I come from a statist background. That is to say, I used to believe that centralized, violent governments were necessary due to things like the need for defense, and to control and regulate pesky and evil “human nature.” I also believed that my home country was intrinsically superior to others. Now that I have seen through the lie that the consent of some non-violent people must be forcefully and systematically violated in order to preserve “the greater good,” it’s hard not to get frustrated when folks still attached to the cult I feel I’ve now escaped, vehemently defend its evil, murderous, irrational, and economically absurd ideas. 

Still, all I hope to illustrate in this post, and hopefully in a basically diplomatic way, is that politics never significantly changes anything for the better for individuals over a sustained period of time. In fact, it makes everything infinitely worse.

The latest “conservative” idol over in Italy has an interesting history. It’s almost as if politicians lie to sway the masses.

The Smallest Minority

The smallest minority in the world is the individual. There are, of course, minority groups, which are outnumbered in certain regions of the world by majority groups. If we continue to zoom in here, we can also see that even within these minority groups, there are splits in opinion and seemingly irreconcilable differences. A small black community may be the minority in an overwhelmingly white town, but even within that group, there are differences. Perhaps one of these black individuals is — GASP! — a Trump supporter.

Now, the problem inherent to modern and classically championed, mainstream systems of governance is simply that minorities are always stripped of their basic rights. Namely: body and property. 

Let’s say the black man who supports Trump doesn’t see his chosen leader win the election. Now, he has no recourse but to live under the violently-enforced rules voted for by those other black members in his community who love the Democratic candidate. He is a peaceful person in his daily life, minding his business and doing his best to help his community. But when it comes to key issues, he feels it is ethically impossible to support the candidate his friends and fellow black minority members support. He could wait another four years, to attempt to vote again, so he no longer has to spend the fruits of his labor toward causes he finds reprehensible via the extortive process of “taxation,” but that’s no guarantee. He could also try to impotently influence local politicians, but they — if not already corrupt — also must live under the higher system’s violence-backed laws. 

So if we break it down, we see that it is actually the individual that is the smallest minority, and if one believes peaceful individuals have inalienable rights, like the right to bodily autonomy and property, there is no way one can be consistent and support the current mainstream models of government, whether they be socialist, democratic, republican models, or communist regimes. 

Politicians Always Lie and Steal, and They Always Must

Remember when Trump won the election in 2016 to chants of “Lock her up!” on the campaign trail promise that, if elected, he would begin to investigate the rampant political corruption of Hillary Clinton and “drain the swamp.” He actually said if he were president, Hillary would “be in jail.” Yet, right after winning, Trump recanted, saying to supporters that the “lock her up” line “plays great before an election” and “now we don’t care, right?”

Furthermore, he went out of his way to praise the Clintons and have them stand up as guests of honor at a congressional luncheon just after his supposed victory. That’s pretty strange behavior for someone claiming this woman was a vile criminal just months prior.

More lies from a presidential candidate.

Now, if this type of behavior was exhibited by your neighbor next door, you’d no longer trust them, or at least put said trust on hold. 

To go to the other wing of the violent-globalist cancer bird called party politics (and it is the same disgusting fowl), let’s look at some of Joe Biden’s gaslighting. Putting on hold for the moment that he literally molests children (in a similar way Christian Trump supporters suddenly became tolerant of talk about grabbing women by the genitals), Biden has lied countless times. Not only has his 1994 crime bill which filled prisons with non-violent offenders and escalated the drug war not mattered at all when it comes to his own son with a crack-cocaine addiction (he gets to fly on Air Force One), he has broken his own federal mask mandates, lied about vaccines, lied about recession, and just basically been a completely non-trustworthy individual — like Trump — the whole time. 

For his part, Trump has ordered a raid that family members say resulted in the murder of an 8-year-old girl (an American, for those that matters to), continued Barry O’Bombers drone-strike-fest on kids and families, denigrated due process for gun owners, saying “I like to take the guns first,” and like Biden, pushed untested and dangerous medical experiments in the form of “coronavirus vaccines” on the public, the fallout from which the mainstream masses are now just beginning to acknowledge.

If your neighbor lied to you like this, or molested children, or murdered 8-year-old girls down the road, you’d never even talk to them. But you cheer for these depraved individuals on the television. Have you ever asked yourself why?

The sad fact is, politicians have to lie to gain power and support for their agendas which will then be violently forced on others by the police and the courts, even if they involve murdering children, caging non-violent people, and enforcing a complete double standard when it comes to the everyday individual, and the privileged political class. Every time you vote, no matter which side you vote for, this system is lended an air of perceived legitimacy by the action.

If your neighbor said: “You’re going to have to hire the protection of child molester Joe down the road, otherwise I am going to steal your money to pay for a bomb to kill kids instead,” you would never “vote” on the matter. You would rightly say “FUCK OFF” to both scumbags and get ready to network and defend yourself and your community against such psychos. 

This just came out from “the experts.” Do you remember when folks saying this exact same thing would happen were mocked by politicians, media, and their friends and family?

So What Is the Fairy Tale?

The fairy tale is that political action can ever bring about lasting, significant change for the smallest minority in any society. It cannot even do that for the majority. If human nature lends itself to selfishness and error, the worst thing one could do would be to afford such error-ridden souls seats of virtually unchecked power in a nation state, allowing them to rule over the lives of literal billions of other human beings apropos of nothing but some scribbles on paper. All this without good information, good ethics, or even a logical understanding of how such dynamics (dys)function.

Central planning doesn’t work with economics, as price discovery becomes forced, synthetic, and inaccurate — and corrupted — resulting in exactly what we are now witnessing, and what always has been witnessed, across history, when people attempt to centrally plan economies: devaluation of money, supply shortages, privileged pilfering by the rulers, and starvation, sickness, and death for the rest. 

U.S. president Joe Biden has just called for gas stations to lower their prices. Once price controls become more and more prevalent, supply and demand will be thrown out of kilter even more. With prices forced (under literal threat of state violence) to remain low, supply is then quickly hoarded. This results in a shortage. Then comes pain and suffering. Then comes state rationing to prevent further shortage. The state cannot measure accurately or react correctly to demand and supply through central planning, and so the problem and the so-called solution created by the state exponentially worsen things. This is not anything new. It has caused hundreds of millions to die in recent centuries. And yet, the politicians repeat the same, stupid and evil pattern.

Political “Libertarians” are not exempt, either. They may brag about legalizing marijuana in their state. Or getting a traffic law changed, for example. Of course, the less non-violent people violated over a plant, the better. But look at the results where cannabis has been legalized now: new taxes, gouged, high prices compared to agorist markets, licensing rackets, arrests for not having a license and dealing, lower quality products, and a million more assaults on freedom pop up in the name of “liberty.” Is it better than being in a cage to get licensed and pay the fees? Probably. Is it ethical or lasting change that doesn’t systematically violate myriad individuals ? No. And now even non-users of the plant are forced via taxation to subsidize it and its whole attendant, multi-tentacled, ever-growing bureaucracy. 

Chop a leaf from the tree of tyranny here and there, and fifteen more grow back . No government makes itself smaller of its own accord. Check the history books (if they’re not burned already). They grow cancerously and then eventually collapse. The only way to end this vicious cycle is to uproot the god-damned tree and realize that we are the leaders of our lives. We are the highest human authority over the trajectory of our paths on this planet. Those in government have cast a magic spell and an illusion, like the old man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. We’ve always had the power to go home. To be free. And the ruby slippers are simply the realization: I own myself. 

The individuals in government are no better or smarter than you, in general. In fact, most of them are stupid, but are good liars and possess sociopath charisma. You enable them each time you look to them to lead and protect you. Stop. Lead and protect yourself, your family, and your community. Leaders, not rulers, are fine. Rulers are parasites who cannot even get their own lives together, and thus must live on the productivity of others. You see a big wizard face in front of you and believe it. I no longer do. I see the dumbass behind the curtain and he is no longer scary. What is scary to me is the legions of people like you and your friends, willing to obey and enforce violence on his behalf. 

I beg you. Let’s exit the fairy tale.  

If you’d like to know more about how societies can be organized based on the principle of self-ownership, and not the arbitrary whims of sociopaths, please click here for more info. Thanks for reading. 

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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