Autumn Anarchy Run — A ‘Virtual’ Race for Those that Love the Fall and Hate the State

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For the past two fall seasons, I’ve been doing a solo run here in Niigata I’ve dubbed the “Echigo Ultra,” where I plot my own course, do something that’s technically ultramarathon distance, and just enjoy the fall weather and foliage and feelings, disregarding whatever madness the psyop cult of the crown is trying to do. It’s been great. But this year, I thought I’d invite other voluntarists, agorists, and anarchists to also do their own runs, under the broader title, “Autumn Anarchy Run,” and to share their experiences, photos, and races online, in a sort of “virtual” run.

I put quotes around “virtual” because most virtual races are exercises in pathetic cowardice, and were started due to the whole corona pandemic hoax. Even now here in Japan, marathons and trail runs have become a joke, requiring runners to wear masks before the start, monitor their temperature daily weeks out from the event, or even have a vaccine to participate. FUCK THAT. The Autumn Anarchy Run is real runs done by real people, and not out of a sense of fear or “staying safe.” It’s all about inner peace, getting out into the beautiful world, and just enjoying it. 

In past runs I’ve asked people on the way “What’s the most important thing in life,” climbed mountains, collected donations for crypto charities, and had the fun of sleeping rough for small stretches of time in unknown towns/locations. There’s nothing like a distance run solo. It’s inexplicable.

Anyway, if you’re interested in adding your run to this event, please do! Here’s the basic idea:

  • Decide on an interesting course you like. Can be anywhere, outdoors or in, and any distance. From down to the end of the street and back to 100 miles or more. I’m going to go at least ultramarathon distance (anything beyond 26.2 miles). Choose some nice sites and landmarks, or places you want to go and have never explored. 
  • Document the experience with some photos, videos, thoughts, ideas, rants, dreams for the future, descriptions of the agonizing fucking pain in your quads… music — whatever you want. 
  • Post your media/blog posts to Twitter, here on, or anywhere else online with the hashtag #AutumnAnarchyRun, and feel free to make new photos collages and posts and rants and blogs with all the other runners’ stuff combined with yours!

    I’ll be setting off in the first week of November. Likely November 3rd, which is Culture Day here in Japan. Any day in the first week of November is fine, though! Make it work for you. Let’s have a kick-ass time, enjoy this beautiful world, and unite in spirit with other voluntaryist runners all over the world. 

    (In the spirit of the event, if you would like to donate to a charity which brings food to communities in need in Venezuela and South Sudan via bitcoin cash, you can do so directly here, and if you do, be sure to let me know in the comments so I can give you a shoutout in some form!)

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