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Running 34 Miles Around Tokyo for Faces and Anarchy

Happy Culture Day from Japan! As my run for this year’s EchigoUltra/Autumn Anarchy Run, I plotted an ultramarathon-length course around Tokyo, and asked people along the way: “What’s the most important thing in life?” I hope you enjoy the vid, and please let me know your answer to that question in the comments. The mask cult isn’t stopping, but there’s still life to be had, and our great fucking world to defend and take back! It’s a wonderful place!

For this video, I only interviewed folks not wearing the silly slave muzzles for clowns. The first two girls put them on when I got out the camera, but they came around at the end.

Also, I think the French guy I interviewed with his girl might be related to me!

For a few more reflections and pics, check out my blog post about the run on

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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