Yahweh the Abortionist

This will be a brief post expounding, regarding the topic of abortion, on the previous post entitled: Moral Relativism: Why Voluntaryism and the Bible Are Incompatible.

Cutting straight to the point. The supposed “God” of the Jewish Torah and Christian Bible has no problems with abortion, contrary to what most mainstream believers may say.

Here is a passage, even more explicitly laid out in newer translations, about an actual abortion procedure ordained by God. If there’s any doubt, verse 28 brings it home what is being talked about:

An abortion ritual described in the Old Testament.

Next, the Bible lets us know that God will “stir up” the Medes and cause them to have “no pity on the fruit of the womb”:

Here “God” stirs up people to “have no pity on the fruit of the womb.”

Regarding the above passage, for the Christian that argues “God had to kill these babies or they would grow up evil, and evil would prevail!” or that “They had no future ahead of them anyway, living with heathens!” — Aside from ridiculously blaming unborn kids and infants for evil, this stance is also Biblically dead wrong:

Of course, the Bible also says the complete opposite of this elsewhere, in its typical schizo form:

More evidence that the Jewish God doesn’t give a shit about kids:

The sins of the father were certainly visited on a newborn here.
Yahweh as the baby slayer once again.

This next one is direct proof the Hebrew tribal deity (the one Jesus also was a fan of), was fine with abortion — and this is not even to mention the child sex slavery advocated in this passage. The command from Moses via “the LORD” to kill all women that have known man by lying with him is of course logically also to kill all those who may be pregnant. What a wonderful, loving deity who is not a respecter of persons:

The Judaistic faith is an ancient tribal supremacist belief system, which justifies killing the unborn, suckling infants, and anyone else standing in the way of Yahweh’s supposed chosen ones. “Thou shalt not kill” clearly only applies to other so-called chosen-ites. None of this is to mention the child rape, genital mutilation, and merciless domination of others advocated by this cult belief system.

Can’t believe I didn’t see it before!

Luckily, I’m finding the good and love and wonder in this world doesn’t cease to be once one abandons belief in this wacky, ancient volcano deity created by a tribe of supremacist idiots.

By Voluntary Japan

Living life.

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