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Plum Blossoms in Niigata, Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo — Out for a Run in New Shoes

Did a slower-paced, relaxed run today with hills, and listened to Haruka Nakamura’s album “Twilight” along the way. I say slow and relaxed, but I’m still not back in the zone cardio-wise, so it was a bear. But a necessary one, and enjoyable all the same.

The plum blossoms have popped out here in Niigata, and it sure is a welcome sight, but just makes me all the more excited for the coming sakura, which just today popped out in Tokyo — the first sighting this year being six days earlier than last year. So, it won’t be long ’til the Niigata countryside is painted in that fantastic pale pink (or shockingly bright and vivid pink, depending on the type of tree).

This in mind, the date for the upcoming Sakura Cash Run is going to be April 2nd. Hope I’ve got the timing right, but either way, full bloom or just popping out, we’ll make it a good day.

In other running events, I bought some new shoes. Back to New Balance. I ran many miles in the Brooks Ghost 14s, and they are super cool and nice shoes, but something about the soles seemed to fuck me up. My feet didn’t quite seem to fit in them right, so I am back to that roomy New Balance 4E toe box. So far, so good.

Until next post!

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